Sims 4 Belle Disney Princess CC: Hair, Dresses & More

Belle stands out as one of the Disney princesses I hold dear.

Her intelligence, independence, and love for books, coupled with being a princess in her twenties, make her truly endearing.

In the Sims 4 Disney Princes challenge, Belle takes the spotlight as the seventh-generation princess. If you haven’t delved into a Sims 4 challenge before, this one offers a delightful starting point.

The concept revolves around navigating through ten generations of sims, adhering to a flexible set of rules at each stage.

The challenge kicks off when your virtual Belle enters young adulthood.

To succeed, your sim must embrace the ‘bookworm’ trait, engage in dating with a minimum of five suitors, tie the knot with a sim of unconventional attractiveness, and expand the family.

Intriguingly, the spouse undergoes a transformation into a handsome figure (thanks to Create a Sim) after the birth of their first child. For those with the Get to Work expansion pack, there’s an added twist – the husband must be an extraterrestrial being.

Now, it’s time to gather the custom content.

Here, we’ve handpicked a collection of Belle-inspired creations, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the enchanting fairytale of your virtual dreams.

1. Princess Belle Dress (2 Versions)

Princess Belle Dress / Sims 4 CC

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Behold the unmistakable and iconic gown, resplendent in all its glory.

This exquisite dress boasts two versions: one that gracefully moves with each step and another that remains steadfast.

Immerse yourself in a palette of seven different swatches, including the beloved sunny yellow, as well as options in blue, pink, and four additional variations featuring a delightful white adorned with colored trim accents.

2. Belle Hair

Belle Hair / Sims 4 CC

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Were you aware that Belle holds the distinction of being the first brunette Disney princess?

I’ve perpetually admired Belle’s effortlessly chic lazy ponytail, particularly when adorned with a sizable bow.

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For those aspiring to infuse a touch of regality into their virtual persona, the gifted Miiko has recreated this stylish hairstyle. Take your pick between the adorned and unadorned versions, and revel in the extensive choice of twenty-five colors available for the bow.

Moreover, the selection expands with 18 Maxis Match hair color swatches and an additional trio of whimsical options – envision your royal locks in white, purple, or pink.

3. Belle Christmas Gown

Belle Christmas Gown / Sims 4 CC

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Step into the snowy landscape and flaunt your affinity for animals in this captivating gown.

While there are other Beauty and the Beast outfits that may be more recognizable, none compare to the sheer splendor of Belle’s Christmas gown. Picture the resplendent gold and red velvet contrasting against the pristine snow – it’s nothing short of breathtaking.

Enhancing the ensemble, a beautiful gold tiara is included, along with a Christmas gown designed in the same style as the movie but with a touch less intricate detailing.

4. Madlen Rosangela Boots

Madlen Rosangela Boots / Sims 4 CC

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Although Belle opted for flats throughout most of the movie, my sims lean towards a more glamorous aesthetic that exceeds the simplicity of flats.

If you share a similar sentiment, these incredibly charming booties are tailor-made for you.

Imagine your sim confidently strutting through an idyllic French villa adorned in these adorable Chelsea booties. Available in a limited yet versatile palette, you can choose from three distinct colors: brown, black, and navy.

5. Belle Village Dress

Belle Village Dress / Sims 4 CC

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Stardust Sims has once again worked their magic with a flawless recreation of Belle’s village outfit.

Here’s a delightful tidbit: during the opening scenes of the movie, observe closely, and you’ll notice that Belle stands out as the sole villager dressed in blue.

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The sheer simplicity of this dress adds to its perfection, allowing you to envision your sim seamlessly blending into the tranquil streets of a French village, mirroring Belle’s understated elegance. This outfit exclusively features the color scheme presented here, harmonizing seamlessly with the bow from the Miiko hair.

6. Tekri Sims Belle Ea

Tekri Belle Ea / Sims 4 CC

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Certainly, I haven’t overlooked the quintessential hairstyle that epitomizes Belle as a true Disney princess.

Imagine adorning your girl in a gown, gracing her with this iconic hairdo, and witnessing her gracefully glide across the dance floor to the timeless melody we all hold dear.

This enchanting updo boasts a palette of 18 EA color swatches, catering to a variety of tastes. It’s an option available for any sim aged teen or above, making it an impeccable choice for events like prom where a touch of regality is always welcome.

7. French Village (Lot)

French Village / Sims 4 Lot

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Delight in the charm of this wonderfully quaint French village, perfect for leisurely strolls and impromptu singing sessions.

Occupying a generous 64 x 64 lot, the village is a picturesque ensemble featuring a school, a doctor’s office, assorted shops, a bustling market, and two cozy houses.

What truly captivates is the meticulous architecture and the serene river gracefully meandering through the heart of the square. The love and dedication poured into this build are unmistakable, turning it into a visual masterpiece that invites you to immerse yourself in its enchanting ambiance.

8. Door Set: Belle, Beast & Tiana

Door Set: Belle, Beast & Tiana / Sims 4 CC

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Celebrate not just the union of you and your future spouse but also pay homage to the legacy of your great-great grandmother, Tiana, the illustrious third generation in the princess challenge, with these captivating stained glass doors.

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Despite the initial intimidation the Beast may evoke, take a closer look, and you’ll appreciate the artful incorporation of a rose in both Belle’s and Beast’s glass designs.

These intricately crafted doors serve as meta decorations, weaving together the tales of romance and heritage for your impending castle. They add a touch of symbolism and elegance, elevating the aesthetic narrative of your virtual realm.

9. Belle 2017

Belle 2017 / Sims 4 CC

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If you appreciated the more understated charm of Belle’s gown from the most recent film, then this dress was meticulously crafted with you in mind. The creator’s breathtaking imitation of the layers on the bottom half of the gown is nothing short of artistry.

Available in two different shades of yellow, this dress serves as a captivating focal point, effortlessly diverting attention from any distractions, including your rather large and unkempt fiancé.

It encapsulates the essence of elegance and refinement, making it the perfect choice for those who appreciate subtlety with a touch of contemporary flair.

10. Beauty & The Beast Castle (Lot)

Beauty & The Beast Castle / Sims 4 Lot

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Embrace the allure of this absolutely stunning creation, an ideal sanctuary for your Belle to settle into, whether she’s tying the knot with her Beast or finding solace in his castle walls.

This meticulously designed abode features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two living rooms, and a fully equipped kitchen, providing the perfect backdrop for your sim’s happily ever after.

The opulent decor throughout the residence is a testament to the pampering your sim truly deserves, whether she’s basking in marital bliss or navigating the intricate dynamics of her captivating story. The choice is yours to shape her destiny within these enchanting walls.

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