Best Sims 4 Colonial House Lots CC


The allure of The Sims 4 game lies in its ability to provide players with the power to construct opulent and commodious homes to their liking. With just a few clicks, you can design your dream dwelling, adorned with all the furnishings and decorations that speak to your heart’s desires.

Yearning to reside in a contemporary mansion? It’s entirely within your grasp, utilizing only the game’s pre-existing items.

However, if your aspiration is to dwell in a historical edifice, you’ll need to seek out more extensive options beyond the base game – especially if you’re disinclined to undertake the arduous task of constructing it yourself!

Fortunately, an abundance of colonial house lots is available, though the challenge lies in identifying ones that have weathered the trials of time and quality assessment.

1. Georgian Colonial

Georgian Colonial Lot for The Sims 4

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This impressive Georgian colonial lot is the epitome of my quintessential vision for colonial residences. It boasts a classic red brick exterior, contrasted beautifully with white trim, complete with charming floral window sills and pillars.

And that’s only the beginning! The interior of the lot is equally captivating, boasting an idyllic sitting area by the fireplace and even a piano to serenade your Sims.

While the property is fully furnished, adding some clutter packs would undoubtedly elevate the lot’s overall ambiance. For instance, the immaculate kitchen could benefit greatly from incorporating a collection of classic Southern cookbooks.

2. Mayflower Colonial

Mayflower Colonial Lot / TS4 CC

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Although the colonial era may not be the most commendable epoch in our history, there’s no denying the appeal of a stunning colonial dwelling. Nevertheless, it’s tough to relinquish the modern age with its numerous conveniences.

In light of this, this Mayflower-inspired lot provides the perfect solution, as it offers a colonial-style lower floor alongside a modern, fully-equipped upper floor. Imagine the best of both worlds!

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Situated in the lovely Willow Creek, this fully decorated lot even comes with its own intriguing backstory about its inhabitants, which you can delve into on the download page.

3. Duxbury Colonial CC

Duxbury Colonial Lot for Sims 4

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Indulge in a slice of Duxbury, Massachusetts’ colonial residential charm with this beautiful lot, crafted to emulate the architecture of the historic homes in the area.

While it may not be a direct replica of any particular building, the overall design is impeccably faithful to the style of classic Duxbury homes. What’s more, you don’t have to fret over issues such as faulty pipes or outdated insulation since this lot has been brought up to contemporary living standards – not that you have to worry about those concerns in The Sims, of course!

This delightful dwelling comes fully furnished and is move-in ready. However, there’s still plenty of opportunity to add your own personal touch to the interior with your preferred decor.

4. 1940s Colonial Family Home

1940s Colonial Family Home Lot / The Sims 4

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Step back in time with this charming 1940s colonial lot, meticulously crafted to cater to The Sims Decades Challenge.

While the property exudes a distinctly 1940s ambiance, some modern elements, such as a sleek coffee machine, are included – after all, it was built for contemporary use in The Sims.

Fully furnished, the lot boasts delightful decor and furnished bedrooms, perfect for accommodating your Sims’ family life. However, it’s worth noting that a substantial list of necessary game packs accompanies the property. Although it’s still possible to use the lot without them, you’ll miss out on certain features – but don’t worry, you can always make up for it with some custom content.

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5. Cute Colonial Family Home

Cute Colonial Family Home / TS4 Lot

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Looking for a charming colonial family home that can house an entire brood of Sims? Look no further than this delightful property!

With its four bedrooms and a spacious loft, this home is perfect for accommodating large families or even grandma and grandpa. Plus, there’s plenty of room for dog breeders, with ample yard space and indoor living areas.

And while raising a family can be a challenging task, this house is equipped with all the modern amenities, furnishings, and decor to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

6. Colonial House (CC-Free)

Colonial House (CC-Free) For The Sims 4

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Are you tired of spending countless hours searching for the perfect colonial house lot with just the right custom content? Look no further than this beautiful CC-free home!

With a charming rustic vibe, this home is fully furnished with items from the base game, making it the perfect choice for players who want a hassle-free experience. No need to worry about finding and downloading custom content or making sure you have all the necessary game packs – this colonial house lot has got you covered.

7. Modern Colonial House (CC-Free)

Modern Colonial House (CC-Free) TS4 Lot

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The Modern Colonial House is an exquisite custom-built lot that defies the norms of the colonial era.

Not only is it CC-free, but it boasts a contemporary take on colonial architecture, complete with a gazebo in the backyard!

This unique feature, coupled with the pristine exterior, perfectly matches the beauty of the interior furnishings.

It’s a great example of how modernizing a classic architectural style can lead to something truly stunning.

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8. Autumnal Colonial

Autumnal Colonial Lot Preview / Sims 4

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This particular lot is designed to celebrate the beauty of autumn in its full glory! The Autumnal Colonial is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a colonial-style home with a modern twist that’s fully decked out in fall-themed decorations and furniture.

As you wander through the pumpkin patch in the yard, you’ll notice that the build itself is quite modern, yet it still retains its colonial charm. But don’t worry, if you’re not a big fan of fall, you can always replace or remove the decorations and make the home your own.

With The Sims 4, you have the ability to choose your entire home based on the season. And with this lot, you can embrace the fall season and all its beauty, while also enjoying the comforts of a modern, fully-furnished home.

9. Colonial Dream House

Colonial Dream House Lot for The Sims 4

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Explore This Stunning Colonial Mansion

If you’re looking for a mansion that will make your Sim feel like royalty, then you have to check out this Colonial Dream House.

The lot is massive and boasts plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms, perfect for hosting lavish parties or simply living in luxury.

As you explore the house, you’ll find yourself mesmerized by the intricate details, both inside and out.

Each room is carefully decorated with high-end furnishings and elegant decor that complements the colonial architecture.

But the best part? You don’t have to be a millionaire to live in this stunning home – anyone can download and enjoy it in The Sims 4.

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