Best Event Mods For The Sims 4 (All Free)

Have you exhausted all possible social events in The Sims 4? Do you find yourself yearning for more options? Rest assured, you are not alone in this desire.

The vibrant Sims community heavily relies on mods to enhance gameplay and enrich social interactions within the game. Undoubtedly, there exists a plethora of Sims 4 mods, spanning from conventional to imaginative to downright eccentric concepts.

In this compilation, my focus lies on custom event mods that inject a delightful dose of excitement into your gameplay, elevating it to new heights of immersion and enjoyment. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with unique and captivating experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your Sims universe.

1. Memorable Events Mod by KawaiiStacie

Memorable Events Mod by KawaiiStacie Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

Introducing the remarkable Memorable Events Mod by the talented creator KawaiiStacie—a name well-recognized and respected within the Sims 4 CC community.

Considered one of her finest accomplishments, this mod is a beloved favorite among Simmers who crave a heightened gameplay experience. Prepare yourself for a staggering addition of 40 new social events seamlessly integrated into your game.

Let me give you a glimpse of what this extraordinary mod has in store:

Embark on an unforgettable journey with a bachelor/bachelorette party, celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy with a meet the baby party, soak up the sun at a lively beach gathering, partake in the excitement of an Easter egg hunt, or embark on a thrilling field trip with your Sims.

And mind you, that’s just a taste of the boundless possibilities awaiting you.

This comprehensive mod serves as a one-stop solution, encompassing an array of social events and interactions that cater to your every desire.

By simply installing this mod alone, I assure you that your gameplay options will expand to such an extent that it will feel like you’ve obtained an entire game pack.

Remarkably, some Simmers even express a willingness to pay for this mod, emphasizing its exceptional quality. The fact that it’s freely available only enhances its appeal, making it an absolute gem within the Sims 4 modding community.

2. High School Reunion Event by KiaraSims4Mods

High School Reunion Event by KiaraSims4Mods for Sims 4

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Prepare to immerse your Sims in a thrilling journey down memory lane with the High School Reunion Event, a remarkable creation by the talented modder KiaraSims4Mods.

Imagine the possibilities that await your Sims as they navigate the shimmering realm of high school reunions. It’s an opportunity to showcase their remarkable transformation, reconnect with old friends, and unearth the latest gossip about their former classmates.

Should your Sims be up for the challenge, why not allow them to attend this unforgettable event? However, keep in mind that the Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack is required to fully enjoy this mod.

Once installed, a plethora of new social interactions will unfold before your Sims’ eyes. Engage in heartfelt reminiscing about the days of high school, engage in conversations about past loves, discuss university experiences, or simply enjoy a delightful chat over drinks. Among these interactions, my personal favorite is the intriguing pursuit of discovering who among the attendees is single or married.

And that’s not all—there are many more engaging interactions waiting to be explored. I encourage you to refer to the creator’s notes for a comprehensive list of all the exciting additions.

The primary objective of this event mod is to capture memorable moments by taking selfies with your Sims’ high school classmates. As a reward for successfully accomplishing this task, your Sims will be bestowed with a fitting item: the coveted “Remembrance Clock.”

Allow your Sims to relive the nostalgia and create lasting memories at their high school reunion. This mod is a testament to the endless creativity and innovation within the Sims 4 modding community.

3. Pillow Talk After Woohoo (1.18) by Shimrod101 | Updated Version by landgraabbed

Pillow Talk After Woohoo (1.18) by Shimrod101 | Updated Version by landgraabbed TS4 CC

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Indulge in the realm of intimate connections and tender moments with the captivating Pillow Talk After Woohoo mod, initially created by Shimrod101 and recently updated to the latest game version by the skilled modder landgraabbed.

Following a passionate encounter, Sims typically have two options: to immediately fall asleep or abruptly leave the bed. While these options have their merits, they lack the variety and depth that many Simmers crave. Where are the post-woohoo cuddles, the leisurely conversations, and the gentle teasing?

Fear not, for Shimrod101’s exquisite creation has arrived to fulfill those desires.

Rather than succumbing to slumber or slipping away from each other’s embrace, your Sims will engage in meaningful interactions. The mod introduces five delightful animations, surprisingly extracted from the game’s original script but unused until now, as stated by the mod’s creator.

Let me introduce you to these captivating animations:

Pillow Talk: Delve into intimate conversations while basking in the afterglow.
Whisper Secret: Share hidden whispers and secrets, strengthening the bond between your Sims.
Tickle: Indulge in lighthearted playfulness, evoking joyful laughter.
Kiss: Seal your connection with affectionate kisses, expressing love and desire.
Snuggle Nuzzle: Experience the warmth and tenderness of snuggling and nuzzling against one another.

Although this mod was initially released in 2016, the recent update by landgraabbed ensures its compatibility with the current game version (, allowing you to enjoy the mod’s enchanting features without any issues.

For additional information and enticing screenshots, I encourage you to explore the original mod’s details.

Immerse yourself in a world where post-woohoo moments are no longer fleeting, but rather cherished and celebrated. This mod serves as a testament to the dedication and creativity of the Sims 4 modding community, elevating your Sims’ experiences to new heights of intimacy and connection.

4. Bridal Shower Event by KiaraSims4Mods

Bridal Shower Event by KiaraSims4Mods Sims 4 CC

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Prepare to immerse your Sims in the enchanting world of pre-wedding festivities with the captivating Bridal Shower Event mod, crafted by the talented modder KiaraSims4Mods.

While weddings in The Sims 4 can be a swift affair, catering to those seeking a no-fuss approach, it’s understandable if you desire a deeper and more immersive wedding experience within the game. However, achieving this level of depth and dimension may require some assistance.

Enter the Bridal Shower Event mod—a shining example of why mods were created: to enhance the fun and enjoyment of the game.

Before your beloved Sim walks down the aisle, why not have her friends throw her a delightful bridal shower? This event is a celebration of her single life, filled with joyous selfies, delightful gifts, and flowing drinks.

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The main objective? Encourage the bride-to-be to showcase her dance moves and let loose!

Furthermore, a successful Bridal Shower rewards your Sim with a generous sum of 1000 Simoleons. With an abundance of custom content (CC) available, you can further enrich the festivities by incorporating a wide range of exciting household appliances into the mix.

With the Sims 4 Movie Hangout Stuff Pack as a required pack, this mod opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to infuse your gameplay with the exuberance and charm of a memorable bridal shower.

Embrace the power of mods and elevate your Sims’ wedding experience to new heights of enjoyment. This mod exemplifies the boundless creativity and dedication within the Sims 4 modding community, ensuring that your Sims’ journey to the altar is filled with unforgettable moments.

5. Gardening Event by Caradriel

Gardening Event by Caradriel for Sims 4

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Imagine the joy of bringing together like-minded, garden-loving Sims to engage in delightful conversations while tending to their beloved leafy offspring. That dream becomes a reality with the captivating Gardening Event mod, masterfully crafted by the talented creator Caradriel.

As a fellow gardening enthusiast in The Sims 4, I understand the immense satisfaction and financial benefits that come from nurturing and cultivating plants. However, one aspect that often falls short is the lack of social fulfillment it provides for our Sims. While talking to plants can temporarily satisfy their social needs, nothing compares to genuine human interaction.

This is where Caradriel’s Gardening Event mod shines.

For those fortunate enough to have the Eco Lifestyle and Seasons expansion packs, this mod introduces the perfect social event tailored to your plant-loving Sim’s desires. You have the freedom to invite up to 10 Sims to participate in various gardening tasks, all within the setting of your chosen lot.

Not only does this event enable your Sims to efficiently tend to their garden, but it also grants them the opportunity to earn valuable social interaction buffs along the way. Engage in lively conversations, forge new friendships, and revel in the shared passion for gardening.

Caradriel’s mod serves as an excellent solution, seamlessly merging the fulfilling aspects of gardening with the much-needed social connections that your Sims crave.

Unleash the full potential of your garden-loving Sims by immersing them in this delightful event. Witness their social needs being met while enjoying the rewards of a beautifully tended garden. This mod exemplifies the ingenuity and dedication of the Sims 4 modding community, providing endless opportunities for enriching gameplay experiences.

6. Sims 4 Funeral Mod by SHEnanigans (originally by BrittPinkieSims)

Sims 4 Funeral Mod by SHEnanigans (originally by BrittPinkieSims) TS4 CC

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Discover a mod that brings a touch of realism and depth to the Sims 4 experience—the Funeral Mod, crafted by the talented creator SHEnanigans (originally created by BrittPinkieSims).

In the whimsical world of The Sims, death can occur through intentional and sometimes humorous means or unexpectedly and tragically. While the game primarily serves as a lighthearted life simulation, there are situations that lie beyond our control.

When the pleas to the Grim Reaper fall on deaf ears and the demise of your beloved Sim becomes a harsh reality, it’s time for the grieving process to begin. Enter the Funeral Mod, a social event that allows your Sims to properly mourn their dearly departed.

This mod introduces essential elements to set the scene for a somber gathering, including a casket (included in the download) and a wreath. While the subject matter may be considered morbid, it adds a layer of realism to the gameplay, capturing the emotions and experiences that arise in the face of loss.

Originally created by BrittPinkieSims, the mod garnered great acclaim for its attention to detail and overall quality. Recognizing its significance within the community, content creator SHEnanigans stepped in to revive and update the mod, with the latest update occurring in 2020.

While the mod was not designed to require any specific expansion packs, it should work seamlessly with later versions of the game, offering a more immersive and authentic gameplay experience.

For those Simmers who appreciate realism and the opportunity to delve into the deeper aspects of life, this mod is a must-have addition to your Sims 4 journey. It showcases the dedication and passion of the modding community in enhancing the game’s range of emotions and experiences.

7. Variable Default Relationships Mod by scumbumbo

Variable Default Relationships Mod by scumbumbo Sims 4 CC

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If you’re seeking a new level of challenge in your Sims 4 gameplay, look no further than the Variable Default Relationships mod, expertly crafted by the talented modder scumbumbo.

By default, when creating a new household in the vanilla game, all Sims start with neutral relationships. Whether they are a family unit or a group of roommates, everyone gets along right from the start. However, this mod introduces a delightful twist by randomizing the starting relationships of Sims in a new household.

When I say random, I truly mean it. The mod can generate a wide range of starting relationship values, from half a green bar to a tiny sliver of pink, or even a blazing red line. This means that your Sims’ family could either be the epitome of love and harmony or the embodiment of dysfunction and discord. Married partners may not even start with any romantic affection, instead beginning as the best of friends.

While the randomization aspect may not appeal to everyone, it adds a captivating socialization challenge to the game. It encourages you to put in extra effort to repair or transform the relationships between your Sims, or even reconsider your initial social plans.

It’s worth noting that the mod was last reported to be working with Patch 1.62.62 (April 2020). Some Simmers have reported that it continues to function smoothly with the latest game versions, while others have encountered issues. It’s advisable to exercise caution and ensure compatibility with your specific game version before incorporating the mod.

Embrace the unexpected and dive into a Sims 4 gameplay experience where relationships are unpredictable and require dedication to nurture and shape. This mod showcases the ingenuity and creativity within the modding community, offering a refreshing twist to the social dynamics of your Sims’ lives.

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8. Grand Opening (Restaurant) Event by KiaraSims4Mods

Grand Opening (Restaurant) Event by KiaraSims4Mods for Sims 4

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Imagine the fulfillment of your Sim’s lifelong aspiration to open their very own restaurant. They’ve tirelessly worked their way up the Culinary career ladder, honed their cooking and baking skills to perfection, and saved up enough to turn their dream into reality.

Such a remarkable achievement deserves to be celebrated in style!

Introducing the Grand Opening (Restaurant) Event mod by the talented creator KiaraSims4Mods. Designed specifically for those who own the Sims 4 Dine Out Game Pack, this mod allows your Sim to throw a grand opening event for their restaurant, inviting their closest friends and confidantes to share in the joyous occasion.

The main objective of this event is to welcome customers to the lot and ensure they have a memorable experience. With the mod installed, you’ll gain access to new interactions such as recommending food dishes and compensating the meals of two tables, adding an extra layer of engagement and immersion to the event.

Successfully completing the event will reward you with a delightful “What’s on the Menu” sign, perfect for adding a touch of charm to your Sim’s restaurant decor. As an added bonus, your Sim can earn up to $50 Simoleons in tips—a welcome boost to their restaurant’s financial success.

With the Grand Opening (Restaurant) Event mod, your Sim’s journey as a restaurateur becomes even more fulfilling and dynamic. It’s a testament to the creativity and passion of the modding community, enriching the Sims 4 gameplay experience and providing new avenues for your Sim’s dreams to flourish.

9. Teen Lifestyle Gamepack Mod! by Snowiii95

Teen Lifestyle Gamepack Mod! by Snowiii95 TS4 CC

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It’s a sentiment shared by many in the Sims community: teenagers deserve more attention and unique experiences in the game. They often feel like a transitional phase rather than a distinct life stage, lacking their own defining features.

If you’re longing for a Sims game that truly gives teenagers the recognition they deserve, look no further than the Teen Lifestyle Gamepack Mod by the talented creator Snowiii95. The best part? No additional packs are required to enjoy this mod.

This fantastic mod introduces four brand-new aspirations that are exclusively tailored for teenagers. Now, your teen Sims can aspire to be an Aspiring Athlete, an Emo Soul, a Heartbreaker, or a Spoiled Brat. These aspirations provide unique goals and objectives, allowing your teen Sims to explore their individual interests and passions.

But that’s not all—Snowiii95 goes above and beyond by adding two new careers that are specifically designed for teenagers. Alongside these careers, there’s a new Lot Trait and eight additional traits exclusively available in Create-a-Sim for teen Sims. Each of these traits brings its own set of distinct social interactions, providing a fresh and engaging gameplay experience for your teen Sims.

Once you dive into this mod, you’ll discover just how entertaining and fulfilling the teenage life stage can be. You’ll no longer find yourself eagerly aging up your teens to young adults, as their unique aspirations, careers, traits, and social interactions will keep you captivated and immersed in their teenage adventures.

Snowiii95’s Teen Lifestyle Gamepack Mod truly showcases the creativity and dedication of the modding community, addressing the desire for a more robust and engaging teenage gameplay experience. It’s a must-have for any Simmer who wants to breathe new life into the often-overlooked teenage phase and allow their teen Sims to shine.

10. Family Reunion Event by KiaraSims4Mods

Family Reunion Event by KiaraSims4Mods Sims 4 CC

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‘Tis the season for family gatherings and reunions, where the head of the family seizes the opportunity to bring everyone together for a memorable get-together. No excuses accepted.

Enter the Family Reunion Event mod, masterfully crafted once again by the talented KiaraSims4Mods. This mod is specifically designed to cater to the dynamics of a family gathering, capturing the essence of these joyous and sometimes chaotic occasions.

To embark on this event, you’ll need the Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack, the Movie Hangout Stuff Pack, and the Seasons Expansion Pack. Once you’ve gathered your Sims’ extended family, the primary objective is simple yet heartwarming: Hug 2 Family Members. Accomplishing this goal rewards your Sim with a delightful addition to their home, the In a Flash! Photo Studio.

Of course, not everyone may be in the mood for physical affection, and that’s perfectly fine. The mod offers a plethora of new social interactions to navigate the bustling atmosphere of a family reunion. Your Sims can choose to engage in activities such as pranking someone, watching a movie together, singing karaoke, or even making a delicious dessert. And these are just a taste of the numerous interactive options available.

Expect chaos and perhaps a touch of stress as your Sims navigate the dynamics of having multiple families gathered under one roof. After all, family reunions are known for their unique blend of joy, excitement, and occasional mayhem. But in the end, it’s these moments that truly capture the essence of family.

Thanks to KiaraSims4Mods and their Family Reunion Event mod, you can now experience the rollercoaster ride of a family gathering in The Sims 4. So gather your Sims’ relatives, embrace the chaos, and create lasting memories with this wonderful addition to your gameplay.

11. Call a Babysitter Mod by LittleMsSam

Call a Babysitter Mod by LittleMsSam for Sims 4

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Required Packs: None

For Simmers seeking a more realistic family gameplay experience, I present the Call a Babysitter mod by LittleMsSam. This mod provides a solution for overwhelmed parents in need of a break from their little bundle of joy.

The mod introduces a babysitter service, but with a twist – the babysitter is a Teen Sim. This addition not only gives Teens more opportunities and responsibilities but also adds depth to their life stage in The Sims 4.

With the help of a teenage babysitter, parents can enjoy a few hours of uninterrupted time to focus on other aspects of their lives. Whether it’s building skills, nurturing relationships, tending to personal needs, or simply taking a much-needed rest, the possibilities are endless.

What makes this mod even better is its simplicity. It doesn’t require any additional expansion or stuff packs, making it accessible to all players. The creator, LittleMsSam, provides detailed notes that cover technical aspects, optional mods, supported languages, and file information. Rest assured, you’ll have no trouble installing, launching, and utilizing the mod.

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So, if you’re in need of a breather and want to add an extra layer of realism to your family gameplay, the Call a Babysitter mod is an excellent choice. Give your overwhelmed parents some well-deserved respite while empowering your teenage Sims with a rewarding part-time job.

12. Explore Mod by KawaiiStacie

Explore Mod by KawaiiStacie TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Required Packs: None

If you’re feeling like you’ve exhausted all the possibilities in The Sims 4 and are looking for a fresh and exciting gameplay experience, look no further than the Explore mod by KawaiiStacie. This mod opens up a whole new world of exploration for your Sims without requiring any additional packs.

Tired of the repetitive grind and sending your Sims off to rabbit holes for hours on end? With the Explore mod, your Sims can venture out and discover new experiences, gaining buffs, skill increases, motive boosts, and improved relationships along the way. From shopping for clothing to trying their luck at gambling, getting their nails done, or even grabbing some takeout ice cream, the possibilities are vast.

What makes this mod even better is its hands-off nature. Once your Sim embarks on an exploration, the mod takes them through a rabbit hole experience. The outcome and the way they return are determined by the type of exploration you choose.

While the mod only requires the base game to function, certain options may require additional expansion, game, or stuff packs. For example, getting takeout ice cream requires The Sims 4: Cool Kitchen Stuff. However, a significant portion of the mod can be enjoyed with just the base game.

Make sure to read through the creator’s notes on the download page for more technical details about the mod. Don’t let the absence of specific packs discourage you from trying out this exciting expansion of gameplay possibilities. Give your Sims the chance to explore and spice up their lives with the Explore mod by KawaiiStacie.

13. Science Fair Event by ilkavelle

Science Fair Event by ilkavelle Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

If you’re looking to add some excitement and memorable moments to your child Sim’s life in The Sims 4, the Science Fair Event mod by ilkavelle is the perfect addition. This mod brings the joy and anticipation of a science fair to your game, allowing your child Sim to participate in a fun and interactive event.

While the base game of The Sims 4 briefly mentions science fairs as part of a child’s routine, this mod takes it to a whole new level. With the Science Fair Event mod, your child Sim has the opportunity to submit their project for judging and potentially earn a shiny trophy and a rewarding buff.

To get the most out of this mod, the Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack is highly recommended, though not required. The Parenthood Game Pack adds additional depth and features to the parenting experience, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the science fair event.

Before diving into the mod, make sure to read the detailed installation and gameplay guide provided by ilkavelle. This will ensure a smooth experience and help you fully understand how to run the mod within the game.

Embrace the excitement and educational fun of a science fair in The Sims 4 with ilkavelle’s Science Fair Event mod. Watch as your child Sim showcases their project, competes for recognition, and creates unforgettable memories.

14. “SimDa” Dating App by LittleMsSam

“SimDa” Dating App by LittleMsSam for Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Required Packs: None

If you’re looking to spice up your Sim’s love life in The Sims 4, the “SimDa” Dating App mod by LittleMsSam is a must-have addition. This mod introduces a realistic and engaging dating app that allows your Sims to explore various romantic encounters and relationships, all from the convenience of their own phone.

Gone are the days of physically searching for a potential partner. With the “SimDa” dating app, your Sims can go on blind dates, pursue serious relationships, or even indulge in a one-night stand. The mod offers a range of options to suit your Sim’s romantic desires and preferences.

The simplicity of the mod is its charm, and it seamlessly integrates into the gameplay. Your Sim can navigate the dating app on their phone and engage in various interactions and activities with their potential matches.

To enhance your experience with the mod, the creator provides detailed information on the download page. This includes gameplay mechanics, optional mod add-ons, and other useful details to ensure a smooth and enjoyable dating app experience.

Embrace modern dating in The Sims 4 with the “SimDa” Dating App mod by LittleMsSam. Watch as your Sims explore new romantic possibilities and embark on exciting adventures in the world of virtual relationships.

15. Retirement Party Event by KiaraSims4Mods

Retirement Party Event by KiaraSims4Mods TS4 CC

Check Out This CC

Required Packs: Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack

If you’re looking to give your elder Sims the recognition they deserve in The Sims 4, the Retirement Party Event mod by KiaraSims4Mods is the perfect addition to your gameplay. This mod allows you to throw a memorable retirement party for your aging Sims, celebrating their achievements and marking the beginning of their esteemed status as senior members of the community.

The Retirement Party Event mod shines a spotlight on the often overlooked life stage of elders in The Sims 4. While the Nifty Knitting stuff pack introduced a new hobby for elders, this mod expands their gameplay even further.

With this mod, you can use your Sim’s phone to invite all their closest friends to the retirement party. Engage in social interactions such as chatting with friends, having an adult make a toast, and more. The event features nine social interaction goals, with the main objective being to give a heartfelt farewell speech.

As a reward for successfully completing the retirement party event, your Sim will receive a delightful and heartwarming reward that adds a touch of sweetness to their retirement experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of your elder Sims with the Retirement Party Event mod by KiaraSims4Mods. Let them embark on their well-deserved retirement journey surrounded by love, laughter, and cherished memories.

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