Sims 4 Trash & Garbage Clutter CC Packs


Say goodbye to messy clutter in TS4! Prepare to be amazed by the spotless, pristine, and utterly flawless appearance of these items.

Gone are the days of stumbling upon weathered, warped, or shattered debris that hints at neglect, abandonment, or catastrophe.

Imagine creating a post-apocalyptic ambiance or exploring the darker, grittier side of San Myshuno—your creative choices are no longer confined!

Get ready to expand your horizons with our incredible selection of trash and garbage clutter packs that will add depth and realism to your virtual worlds. Embrace the possibilities!

1. Broken Jar – Trash Can by Bakie

Broken Jar – Trash Can by Bakie TS4 CC

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At the very top of my list is a true personal favorite, and for good reason.

This remarkable trash can seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, making it perfect for constructing the remnants of an ancient civilization or even an intrepid explorer’s prized treasure chamber!

For more details, be sure to check out the creator’s notes, as usual.

In essence, it’s a unique lidless trash can designed to resemble a weathered clay pot. And from what my diligent Google search suggests, this custom content item is truly one-of-a-kind.

2. Garbage Set CC by Purplelovesims

Garbage Set CC by Purplelovesims Sims 4 CC

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Creating a local trash heap, setting up a neighborhood dump site, or establishing an abandoned property? No matter the scenario or the reason behind it, we’ve got you covered with all the essentials you’ll need.

Picture this: stacks of empty soda cans, remnants of rotten fruit, heaps of discarded takeout containers, and overflowing plastic garbage bags—these four items work wonders in setting the perfect scenes for your project.

It’s amazing how just these few elements can bring authenticity and realism to any environment. So, dive in and bring your vision to life with these essential clutter items!

3. The Garage Set #4: Car Parts Clutter by Cyclonesue

The Garage Set #4: Car Parts Clutter by Cyclonesue for Sims 4

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While these items are part of The Garage set, their versatility makes them equally suitable for an abandoned house or a derelict warehouse.

If your aim is to craft post-apocalyptic scenes filled with garbage and junk clutter, look no further—this set includes rusted pipes, deflated tires, and fried batteries that are absolutely perfect for setting the mood. Let your creative vision run wild with these incredible pieces!

4. The Garage Set #5: Garage Clutter by Cyclonesue

The Garage Set #5: Garage Clutter by Cyclonesue TS4 CC

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Introducing a wonderfully diverse collection of miscellaneous décor items, totaling an impressive 13 pieces! As per the creator’s description, this set offers an assortment of clutter suitable for both garages and yards.

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The rustic, bent, and broken appearance of each item paints a vivid picture of garages and yards that have long succumbed to neglect.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll be delighted to discover that the tires and cones are stackable, adding a convenient touch to this already fantastic set. Revitalize your virtual spaces with these captivating pieces of disrepair! Check them out at this link.

5. Scrap Car by Cyclonesue

Scrap Car by Cyclonesue Sims 4 CC

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Amidst the scattered car parts and remnants of an old garage, there’s one crucial addition that completes the scene—the dented and aged body of a scrap car.

Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend this exceptional custom décor item, alongside the other two sets by Cyclonesue. If your creative vision involves crafting a post-disaster, world’s-gone-mad setting, then look no further. These pieces are simply perfect for bringing that gritty and authentic atmosphere to life—it’s almost too good to be true!

6. Debris & Trash by Helen

Debris & Trash by Helen for Sims 4

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Discover a treasure trove of debris and trash in Helen’s remarkable set—wrecked cars, wooden barrels, and broken wooden crates galore!

This collection boasts an abundance of rubbish and garbage that would perfectly complement any local junkyard setting.

Among the delightful little treasures in this pack, you’ll come across piles of broken crates, splintered wooden planks, and crushed soda cans, adding a touch of realism and character to your virtual world. Embrace the art of storytelling with these captivating elements!

7. The Scrap Yard: Junk Pile by BigUglyHag

The Scrap Yard: Junk Pile by BigUglyHag TS4 CC

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Curious about the outcome of a life spent tinkering with junk scraps? Look no further than the base game-compatible Junk Pile where possibilities come to life.

Caution is advised, as the allure of scrapping, inventing, and re-scrapping could easily engulf you in its captivating embrace.

For a firsthand experience of this incredible set in action, don’t miss the creator’s video, thoughtfully embedded in the notes. Witness the magic unfold before your eyes!

8. Slob’s Life by Around the Sims 4

Slob’s Life by Around the Sims 4 Sims 4 CC

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Calling all lovely Sims out there in need of a reality check and a crash course in vacuum cleaner operation!

While the Slob’s Life pack might not be the ideal choice for decorating post-apocalyptic or global-disaster sets, it excels at capturing the essence of a damp, derelict, and utterly dingy apartment. Picture a Sim embracing their midlife crisis, forsaking all forms of cleanliness—that’s where this pack truly shines.

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If you’re aiming to create an authentic and gritty environment depicting a Sim’s life gone awry, this pack is an absolute must-have. Embrace the chaos and dive into the perfect setup for a compelling story!

9. Fiddledeedee Half Life 2 Seven Cities Ago + Diverse Clutter Conversion by sanoysims

Fiddledeedee Half Life 2 Seven Cities Ago + Diverse Clutter Conversion by sanoysims for Sims 4

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Searching for authentic urban city clutter to breathe life into your virtual world? Your search ends here!

Prepare to be amazed by Sanoysims’ remarkable CC pack, featuring an impressive collection of 42 new meshes.

From dumpsters to garbage cans, broken mattresses to scrapped bikes, and rusted pots to junkshop detritus—this pack is nothing short of a complete stuff pack filled with captivating urban junk, and the results are simply breathtaking.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of urban chaos as you adorn your scenes with these meticulously crafted items. Don’t miss out on this fantastic addition to your Sims universe!

10. Empty Chinese Food Clutter by josiesimblr

Empty Chinese Food Clutter by josiesimblr TS4 CC

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Behold, the aftermath of a hearty Chinese takeout feast.

Amidst the debris, you’ll find empty Styrofoam containers, grease-stained food boxes, torn single-serve soy sauce packets, and shattered fortune cookies—it’s quite the sight, indeed.

11. Billyjean’s Clutter Pt.1 by loree

Billyjean’s Clutter Pt.1 by loree Sims 4 CC

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Evidently, the original Billyjean’s Clutter pack was initially created for TS2. However, this TS4 conversion generously includes a variety of items from its predecessor, such as a less-than-sanitary stained egg box, dingy tray boxes, and an empty soda box—among other treasures.

One highlight that particularly catches my eye is the Hanging Pics wall décor. The charmingly haphazard design gives the impression of a hastily assembled creation, seemingly pieced together before finding its way into the discard pile.

Explore this collection and uncover the nostalgic essence of its TS2 origins, now beautifully revamped for TS4. Don’t miss out on these delightful clutter items that add a touch of realism to any setting!

12. Trash From Eco Lifestyle by Sims4life

Trash From Eco Lifestyle by Sims4life for Sims 4

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No need to worry if you haven’t got The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle expansion pack. Now, you can bring your sustainable dreams of a trash-strewn, garbage-laden town to life!

Thanks to Sims4life’s brilliant download, those debug trash items scattered around Evergreen Harbor’s streets are transformed into purchasable, base game-compatible Build & Buy objects, accessible to every Simmer.

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Embrace the creative freedom and dive into the world of urban decay and sustainability with these incredible additions. It’s time to turn your Sim’s world into an eco-friendly adventure!

13. Crumpled Newspaper by Severinka_

Crumpled Newspaper by Severinka_ TS4 CC

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This list boasts a variety of clutter sets, making it incredibly convenient to grab multiple goodies with just one click.

However, I understand the value of individual CC, especially for Simmers seeking specific items. That’s why I couldn’t resist adding this gem.

When it comes to creating an authentic dumpsite atmosphere, nothing quite captures the essence like a pile of yellowing, crumpled newspapers.

So, whether you prefer complete sets or individual pieces, this compilation caters to all your clutter needs. Dive in and elevate your Sim’s world with these fantastic additions!

14. Dung&MJ Bottles Sims 4 CC by 엠제이

Dung&MJ Bottles Sims 4 CC by 엠제이 Sims 4 CC

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Introducing more individual items to enhance your virtual world!

This time, we have fallen beer bottles (or maekju in Korean, according to Google) instead of the usual crushed soda cans and rotting takeout containers.

While I must admit, broken bottles or peeling labels would have added an extra touch to match the theme of this list, the bottles that have tipped over still serve as fitting garbage debris for designing junk piles and trashed builds.

Dive into the creative process and let these versatile items breathe life into your scenes, adding authenticity and character to your Sim’s surroundings. The possibilities are endless!

15. Pile of Beer Cans by Slums

Pile of Beer Cans by Slums for Sims 4

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Public Service Announcement: Say no to drugs. However, if your Sims happen to indulge (at the cost of their virtual well-being), this set offers precisely what you’d find in their grimy, neglected, trash-filled apartment.

Alternatively, imagine these objects scattered in the alley next to their residence, provided they manage to maintain some sense of cleanliness in their lucid moments.

On the flip side, if you prefer to decorate a drug-free environment brimming with garbage, the Pile of Beer Cans from this pack fits seamlessly into any space and scenario.

Let your creativity run wild as you craft captivating narratives, whether it’s the depiction of a life gone awry or the exploration of a drug-free yet cluttered setting. The choice is yours!


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