Sims 4 Madonna CC: The Ultimate Collection


In an era of TikTok sensations, chart-topping Olivia Rodrigo hits, and Taylor Swift’s re-recorded classics, there’s still one queen who reigns supreme – Madonna.

With an illustrious career spanning over four decades, the iconic Boy Toy has left an indelible mark on the music industry and pop culture. Madonna’s influence is so vast that it merits a dedicated page on Wikipedia.

No other American artist can boast the same level of success across the realms of music, dance, and acting as Madonna. Her legacy is truly one-of-a-kind, and it’s high time for Sims everywhere to appreciate her greatness.

So, let’s dive into some custom content and visualize the inimitable Madonna, one of the most trailblazing and inspiring artists of all time.

1. Retro ReBOOT Madonna

Retro ReBOOT Madonna Set / TS4 CC

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Get Ready to Time Warp with Madonna’s Retro ReBOOT CC

Stranger Things and Wonder Woman 1984 may have nailed the ‘80s aesthetic, but they overlooked one major component: Madonna.

You can’t have a throwback to the ‘80s without jamming out to classics like “Crazy for You,” “Like A Virgin,” and “Like A Prayer.” It’s like watching Mamma Mia without Abba’s hits – it just doesn’t work.

If you’re aiming to recreate the iconic era of the ‘80s in your virtual world, then you simply have to check out the retro ReBOOT Madonna CC set.

This custom content lets you dress your Sims in iconic outfits inspired by the Queen of Pop’s legendary fashion sense. Get ready to time warp to a bygone era with Madonna’s influence leading the way!

2. Madonna CAS Build #1

Madonna CAS Build for The Sims 4

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Introducing the Ultimate Madonna CAS Build #1

Move over, Madame Tussauds – sims4ccstyle has crafted the ultimate custom Madonna CAS creation that puts all wax figures to shame.

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With her blonde locks, sharp cheekbones, and perfectly styled lashes, this virtual Madonna is a dead ringer for the real deal. Your Sims will be starstruck when they meet her!

Bring this stunning creation to your Sim’s neighborhood and let the rock & roll begin. This Madonna CAS build is a must-have for any true fan of the Queen of Pop.

3. Madonna CAS Build #2

Madonna CAS Build #2 / Sims 4 CC

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Strike a Pose with Madonna CAS Build #2

Madonna may not have started her career as a supermodel, but she certainly knows how to work the camera.

Maybe it’s her dance background, or perhaps it’s just her undeniable charisma. Either way, as the creator of the iconic hit “Vogue,” there’s no question that Madonna has what it takes to own the runway.

And now, you can bring your own blonde ambition to life (virtually, of course) with this stunning custom Madonna CAS build. This creation is primed and ready for the spotlight – so get ready to strike a pose and make all of your Sim’s fashion dreams come true!

4. ‘80s Aerobic Outfit

‘80s Aerobic Outfit (Madonna) TS4 CC

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Get Your Sweat On with This ‘80s Aerobic Outfit CC

There’s no denying that no decade made exercise look sexier than the ‘80s.

From sweating to Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” in leg warmers and neon leggings to sporting two-toned leotards, the fitness craze took the world by storm – and even Madonna was not immune.

Now, you can help your female Sims get into shape in true pop royalty style with this ‘80s-themed aerobic attire custom content. Let your Sims sweat it out and channel their inner ‘80s fitness guru with this must-have outfit for any retro lover.

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5. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend Set

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend Set for The Sims 4

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Shine Bright with the Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend Set CC

When it comes to fangirling, few have done it quite like Madonna.

The iconic singer was so enamored with Marilyn Monroe that she even recreated the blonde bombshell’s performance of “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in her own music video for “Material Girl.” And that’s not all – Madonna has also been known to emulate Monroe’s Old Hollywood style, from her hair to her clothing.

While Madonna may not be a Sim, she’s been acting like one since 1985 – and now you can pay tribute to two icons with this stunning custom CC set. Shine bright like a diamond and add a touch of Marilyn Monroe-inspired glamor to your Sim’s wardrobe with this must-have collection.

6. 80s Punk Hair in Noodles Sorbet + Bow Overlay

80s Punk Hair in Noodles Sorbet + Bow Overlay / Sims 4 CC

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Rock the ‘80s Punk Look with This Noodles Sorbet + Bow Overlay CC

When it comes to Madonna’s iconic looks, one that immediately comes to mind is her blonde curls topped with a large ribbon. This innocent style may seem at odds with the Queen of Pop’s rebellious and fiery personality, but Madonna has never been one to conform to typical standards.

Now, your female Sims can channel the strictly ‘80s punk look popularized by Madonna herself in their own neighborhood. Or, perhaps your younger school-aged Sims can make this look cool again with the help of this Noodles Sorbet + Bow Overlay custom content. Let your Sims show off their punk side and rock this iconic hairstyle and accessory combination.

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7. Bridal 03 Gloves

Bridal Gloves (Madonna) TS4 CC

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Get Your Sims Ready to Channel Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” Look with These Bridal 03 Gloves

Back in 1984, Madonna’s performance of “Like A Virgin” would have undoubtedly been the talk of the town on social media. With no backup dancers or fancy fireworks, the Queen of Pop stole the show with just her presence on stage – in a stunning white wedding dress and a highly addictive song.

The performance went down in history as one of the most unforgettable moments in VMA history, and Madonna’s all-white ensemble, complete with gloves, became a style icon in its own right.

Now, you can help your Sims channel Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” look with these Bridal 03 Gloves by RobertaPLobo. Perfect for any wedding-themed occasion, these gloves will add a touch of iconic pop culture to your Sim’s wardrobe.

8. Marie Antoinette Hair + Dress

Marie Antoinette Hair (Madonna) for The Sims 4

Marie Antoinette Hair CC

Marie Antoinette Dress (Madonna) Sims 4 CC

Marie Antoinette Dress CC

If you think that Sims can’t pull off an 18th-century look, think again. Madonna’s 1990 MTV Awards performance was a testament to the fact that you can put a modern twist on any style.

The Queen of Pop graced the stage as Marie Antoinette, vogueing and flaunting a dress that Marie herself would have been proud of.

If you want to give your Sims the same regal treatment, check out these custom CC sets for Marie Antoinette hair and dress. They’re the perfect additions to your Sims’ wardrobes, whether they’re planning to attend a royal ball or simply strut around town like they own it.

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