Sims 4 Maxis Match Boots CC (Male + Female)

Boots have an inherent ability to infuse anyone with a sense of boldness and a touch of rebellion.

Perfect for casual ensembles, they effortlessly bring a hint of edge to the table, offering a stylish alternative to the usual sneaker fare.

Expanding your Sim’s wardrobe with this hand-picked Maxis Match collection not only introduces versatility but also unlocks a myriad of possibilities in Create a Sim (CAS). Seize the opportunity to enhance your Sim’s style and let their personality shine through diverse and fashion-forward choices.

1. Maxis Fisherman Boots Recolored

Maxis Fisherman Boots Recolored / Sims 4 CC

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Is your Sim a diligent working man?

For the industrious fisherman, farmer, or the broad category of “manual laborer,” Gorky7’s latest and enhanced rubber boots are the perfect fit.

These boots, now available in an array of vibrant colors, not only cater to the practical needs of a hardworking Sim but also boast added realism with carefully crafted dirt textures.

Elevate your Sim’s occupational attire with these functional yet stylish boots that strike the perfect balance between utility and a touch of flair.

2. Tall Rain Boots

Tall Maxis Match Rain Boots / Sims 4 CC

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Introducing rain boots that stand tall, ensuring your Sim’s pants remain unscathed even in the deepest, splashiest puddles.

With a whopping 27 solid and vibrant swatches, color coordination with your Sim’s outfit becomes a breeze, for those who appreciate a harmonious ensemble.

The best part? You don’t even need Seasons to revel in the practical and stylish charm of these boots. Embrace both fashion and functionality as your Sim confidently steps through the rain with this versatile and colorful collection.

3. Madlen Zora Boots

Madlen Zora Boots / Sims 4 CC

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Cowboy boots, the quintessential footwear for country folks worldwide, now find a place in The Sims 4 urban landscape, thanks to Madlen’s exceptional new mesh.

Boasting a remarkable leather look and intricate detailing, these boots are a testament to style and craftsmanship. Available in classic shades of brown, black, and white, they inject a touch of rustic charm into the predominantly urban Sim universe.

Expand your Sim’s wardrobe with these versatile cowboy boots that effortlessly bridge the gap between city life and country style.

4. Noctis Boots

Noctis Boots / Sims 4 CC

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While inspired by a character from the Final Fantasy series, these boots transcend their origin to become truly exceptional combat footwear.

Bigger and more robust than the ones familiar from the base game, these boots bring a new level of rugged style to your Sim’s wardrobe.

The added swatches provide a delightful variety, enhancing the versatility of this impressive footwear. Step into combat or urban adventures with confidence, as these boots not only exude a touch of fantasy flair but also deliver a hefty dose of practicality.

5. Child’s Play Rain Boots (Seasons Required)

Child’s Play Rain Boots / Sims 4 CC

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Seasons indeed brings a wealth of delightful, seasonal content for Sims of all ages—quite a novel concept, wouldn’t you say?

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While toddlers and kids revel in the abundance of adorable additions, grown-ups aren’t left out either! Thanks to RenoraSims, the classic rain boot design has been seamlessly converted for use by both children and adults.

Now, Sims of all ages can step into the rainy season in style, showcasing these timeless and practical rain boots in a range of charming designs. The perfect way for the entire family to embrace the changing seasons together.

6. Thunderous Boots

Thunderous Boots / Sims 4 CC

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Introducing something snazzy that effortlessly infuses a masculine flair into any outfit.

Trillyke’s Thunderous Boots are set to leave a lasting impression with their flawless leather texture and exceptional detailing, featuring intricate stitching, a distinctive tag, and finely rendered shoelace elements.

In a departure from the usual tall men’s boot options, these boots strike the perfect balance with their ankle-height design, offering a unique and stylish alternative. Elevate your Sim’s wardrobe with these Thunderous Boots for a touch of rugged sophistication.

7. Road Trip Boots

Road Trip Boots / Sims 4 CC

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This collection, inspired by the distinctive vibe of StrangerVille, features a variety of outfits, but it’s the modified cowboy boots that truly stand out.

Unlike the hardcore western style of the original ones, these boots have undergone a transformation into ankle boots, adding an extra layer of charm.

The result is an even cuter and more versatile pair of footwear that seamlessly blends the essence of StrangerVille with a touch of contemporary flair. Elevate your Sim’s style with these modified cowboy boots for a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern fashion.

8. EA Buckle Boots

EA Buckle Boots / Sims 4 CC

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These boots redefine personalization with an unprecedented level of versatility. Now, not only can you add or remove the cozy knit cuff at your whim, but they’re also seamlessly compatible with a height slider.

While the height slider is a separate mod, the fact that these boots integrate so seamlessly with it is nothing short of awesome.

Embrace a new level of customization as you fine-tune every detail of your Sim’s footwear, making these boots a standout choice for those who appreciate individuality in their virtual fashion endeavors.

9. Doux Slipper Boots

Doux Slipper Boots / Sims 4 CC

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When it comes to coziness, slippers undeniably corner the market.

Imagine slipping your feet into a pair of soft, fuzzy little clouds—there’s truly nothing better. These booties not only look more comfortable than the standard slippers in the base game but also present a tempting opportunity to upgrade your Sim’s pajama situation.

Treat your virtual self to the epitome of comfort with these plush and stylish booties. Your Sim’s relaxation game just reached a whole new level.

10. Cowgirl Boots

Cowgirl Boots / Sims 4 CC

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If you’re in the mood to fully embrace the cowgirl look, look no further.

These watches are a celebration of Western aesthetics, capturing the charming essence of cacti and sunsets, turquoise hues, daisies, and everything in between.

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From the tip of the toe to the block of the heel, these boots exude the unmistakable charm of the Western style. So, if you’re ready to channel your inner cowgirl, these boots are the perfect choice to infuse your Sim’s wardrobe with a touch of the Wild West.

11. Mars Boots

Mars Boots / Sims 4 CC

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Discover unparalleled versatility with these boots, perhaps among the most versatile in the Sim fashion realm.

Their super basic design is precisely what makes them incredibly practical. Whether your Sim leans towards an outdoorsy aesthetic or simply requires more practical footwear, these boots seamlessly complement any look.

The icing on the cake? A vast array of colors is covered by the 25 vibrant swatches, ensuring that there’s a perfect match for every outfit and occasion. Elevate your Sim’s style with these dependable and stylish boots that effortlessly blend functionality with fashion.

12. Diodato Boots Recolored

Diodato Boots / Sims 4 CC

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Madlen’s original design was undoubtedly a masterpiece, but the demand for more swatches is always a testament to its timeless appeal.

These tall, retro-influenced boots maintain their classic charm while seamlessly incorporating a modern twist, thanks in part to the extensive palette of colors.

The addition of a cold-weather tag is a thoughtful touch, particularly beneficial for those Simmers who have Seasons installed. Elevate your Sim’s style with these iconic boots that effortlessly bridge the gap between retro aesthetics and contemporary fashion.

13. Better Than Mosc Boots

Better Than Mosc Boots / Sims 4 CC

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Imagine a pair of boots reminiscent of Doc Martens, but with a slightly bulkier profile than the classic design. The thick, chunky sole exudes sturdiness, seemingly ready to tackle even the roughest terrain.

Following a minor mesh edit, these boots are now base game compatible, opening the door for both masculine and feminine Sims to enjoy their rugged appeal.

Walk with confidence, as your Sim steps into a versatile pair of boots that effortlessly blend style and durability.

14. Adam Gusset Boot (Cats & Dogs Required)

Adam Gusset Boot / Sims 4 CC

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Recolors can truly work wonders, as demonstrated by Pleyita’s remarkable makeover of the male boots from Cats & Dogs, rendering them practically unrecognizable.

The boots now boast a fresh look that significantly enhances the leather texture, breathing new life into their design. The swatches expertly lean into this revitalized vibe, offering a diverse range of leather options.

It’s a testament to the transformative power of creative recoloring, elevating the Sim fashion landscape with a touch of freshness and style.

15. Echo Boots

Echo Boots / Sims 4 CC

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When it comes to uniqueness, DallasGirl has your back.

The Echo Boots are a testament to this with their super high platform heels and chunky buckles, overflowing with style and originality.

But that’s not where it ends – these boots are designed for both guys and girls, offering equally impressive and diverse styles. Step into a world of fashion-forward footwear that breaks the mold and lets your Sims showcase their individuality in every stride.

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16. Seasons Boots Long & Short

Seasons Boots Long & Short / Sims 4 CC

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Despite the name, both versions of these boots are now base game compatible, thanks to Elfdor’s edits!

As chic as ever, these heeled boots feature stylish buckles fastened on the side. The collection now includes an ankle boot version, in addition to the classic taller style.

Enjoy the versatility and timeless elegance of these boots, ensuring your Sim steps out in style, whether in the shorter, ankle-grazing version or the iconic taller design.

17. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots / Sims 4 CC

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Embrace the current trend of bulky heels with this fashionable creation, ensuring your Sims stay on-trend.

Featuring a simple pull-on design devoid of laces, these boots offer a smooth surface that becomes a canvas for a variety of colors.

The absence of intricate details allows for a sleek and versatile look, making these boots the perfect addition to your Sim’s wardrobe. Step out in style with these contemporary and chic boots that effortlessly blend fashion-forward elements with simplicity.

18. Dahlia Boots

Dahlia Boots / Sims 4 CC

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The sleek and minimalistic design of Plumbobs n Fries’ Dahlia Boots renders them a fantastic footwear option catering to almost any taste or outfit.

The array of choices is truly impressive! Darker shades are perfect for punk and goth Sims, while the white ones exude a vintage feel. The brighter hues, on the other hand, are undeniably trendy, adding a pop of color to your Sim’s ensemble.

These boots showcase a versatile design that effortlessly complements various styles, making them an essential piece for your Sim’s wardrobe.

19. You’re An All-Star High Top Boots

You’re An All-Star High Top Boots / Sims 4 CC

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Converse will forever remain cool, and just when you thought high tops couldn’t get any better, enter high top boots.

Yes, it’s mind-blowing, and thanks to Sondescent’s fantastic work, Sims can now rock these flawless beauties too. Elevate your Sim’s street-style game with these high top boots, a perfect blend of classic coolness and a touch of edgy flair.

It’s a footwear choice that transcends time and trends, ensuring your Sim stays effortlessly cool in every virtual stride.

20. Madlen Mitra Boots

Madlen Mitra Boots / Sims 4 CC

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Make your Sim an absolute eye-catcher with Madlen’s Mitra Boots, and the allure doesn’t stop at the knee—these boots go all the way up to the thigh.

Despite all adult Sims having the same leg length, these boots work their magic, creating an illusion of longer legs and adding a touch of glamour to your Sim’s look.

Elevate your Sim’s style to new heights with these thigh-high boots, a statement piece that ensures they stand out in any virtual crowd.

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