Maxis Match Sleepwear & Pajamas CC For The Sims 4


It truly fascinates me how many individuals invest considerable thought into their choice of bedtime attire.

I mean, let’s be real here. From lingerie to pajamas, nightgowns to sleeping sets, there’s an undeniable market demand for various sleepwear styles.

Although I may not fully comprehend the reasoning behind it, I firmly believe in respecting others’ lifestyle choices without judgment.

After all, why not embrace the prevailing trend and go with the flow?
So for the fashion-conscious, fashion-forward, and fashion-initiated, I present you with custom Maxis Match sleepwear for the discerning Sim.

1. Soft Dreams Recolor by simkath

Soft Dreams Recolor / Sims 4 CC

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I have come across a delightful recolor of Kiara Zurk’s Soft Dreams sleepwear that personally captivates me with its color palette.

Of course, this is merely my individual perspective! Let me assure you, the original creator’s sleepwear is equally stunning.

Simkath’s recolor offers five solid color swatches, each exuding a gentle and subdued neutrality.

Among them, the pale pink swatch steals my heart. When seen in-game, it emanates a dusty or dusky rose hue, which seamlessly complements the texture.

Furthermore, the design itself is a testament to simplicity’s beauty. I wholeheartedly recommend it with a perfect score of 10/10!

2. Dreams Come True Pajama Shorts by Trillyke

Dreams Come True Pajama Shorts / Sims 4 CC

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For those nights when the heat becomes unbearable and pajama pants are just too stifling, look no further! Introducing Trillyke’s collection of easy, breezy cotton shorts.

These shorts offer a delightful combination of softness and elasticity, ensuring maximum comfort. What’s more, they come in a staggering variety of 30 different swatches, with twenty captivating patterns and ten vibrant solid colors. From bold and eye-catching graphics to subtle pinstripes and checkered designs, there’s something for everyone.

Although they may bear the name “pajama” shorts, even the creator acknowledges their versatility for any occasion. Whether it’s bedtime, lounging around the house, or making a quick trip to the convenience store, these shorts are designed to adapt to your needs.

Personally, I have two favorites that I can’t resist mentioning. The first is the bright pink pair, adorned with a charming strawberry print—a timeless classic. And then there’s the light cream option, featuring delicate pink flowers and leaves, evoking a tropical vibe perfect for a beach getaway!

Choose comfort, style, and versatility with Trillyke’s cotton shorts. They are a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

3. Sleepwear Jumpsuits by ChloeMMM

Sleepwear Jumpsuits / Sims 4 CC

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While I’ve come across this particular style of sleepwear before, it’s a realm I’ve never dared to explore myself.

To be honest, the idea of donning a one-piece garment fills me with a hint of anxiety. I mean, how on earth does one manage bathroom breaks in those?

But thankfully, as Sims don’t face the same conundrums as we do, I can confidently endorse these jumpsuit PJs by ChloeMMM.

Whoever said sleepwear couldn’t be fashionable clearly hasn’t laid eyes on these beauties.

And here’s an intriguing thought: imagine if your Sim decided to venture out into the world wearing these pajamas. They’d look incredibly polished and effortlessly chic.

So go ahead and embrace this stylish sleepwear option, without the worry of bathroom logistics. Let your Sim make a fashion statement even in their dreams.

4. Silk PJs Irene by dgandy

Silk PJs Irene / Sims 4 CC

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While some Sims settle for worn-out shirts and shabby bottoms when bedtime comes calling, others opt for the comfort of soft cotton and the allure of colorful satins.

Both choices are perfectly acceptable, but if your Sim happens to fall into the latter category, then look no further than this exquisite two-piece silk pajama set by dgandy. With its adorable cut, delicate ribbon accentuating the torso, and intricate swirling lace trim, it exudes sheer luxury.

Could there be a more indulgent choice? I think not. Treat your Sim to the epitome of elegance and comfort with this splendid silk pajama set.

5. Pajama Shirt by SLYD

Pajama Shirt / Sims 4 CC

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Among the array of pajama options, this particular pick stands out as one of my favorites, and its charm largely lies in its personality.

The half-tucked look exudes an incredible sense of fashion-forwardness. It’s the kind of style that true fashionistas embrace not because it’s trendy or popular, but because it’s a creative, artistic, and avant-garde choice.

Personally, I have a soft spot for effortlessly slouchy outfits, and this one checks all the boxes when it comes to visual appeal. Although it’s officially labeled as a “pajama” shirt, it effortlessly doubles as an outfit your Sim could throw on before crawling into bed.

However, as showcased in the preview photos, this ensemble proves to be remarkably versatile. Pair it with denim mom pants or wide-legged culottes, and voila! It transforms into a casual, everyday outfit that exudes style and comfort.

The sheer versatility of this pick is truly impressive, making it a must-have addition to your Sim’s wardrobe.

6. Sweet Dreams Nightdress by Simwolf

Sweet Dreams Nightdress / Sims 4 CC

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Designed as a custom sleepwear option, the “Sweet Dreams” nightdress, as described by its creator, offers a touch of extra length and undeniable cuteness compared to the ones found in the base game.

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I must admit, the latter statement rings true for me. While the length doesn’t quite hit the mark for my personal preference, there’s no denying that the base game designs could benefit from a refreshing update.

Enter Simwolf’s delightful pink nightie (also available in purple, peach, and various prints).

This charming nightdress presents a delightful selection of six sweet patterns and ten solid color swatches, amounting to a total of sixteen captivating variations.

The solid colors lean towards vibrant and pastel shades, adding a lively touch. On the other hand, the patterns consist of small, repeating prints that evoke images of delectable candies and gumdrops.

It’s safe to say that the chosen name for this custom content is on point and perfectly encapsulates its essence. Indulge in the sweetness of the “Sweet Dreams” nightdress by Simwolf.

7. Pajama Jacket by ChloeMMM

Pajama Jacket / Sims 4 CC

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Have you laid eyes on this incredible jacket? I mean, have you truly seen it?

While some individuals prefer to slumber in style, this takes sleepwear to a whole new level. It transcends ordinary expectations. Those who wear this jacket to bed are likely more impeccably dressed than I could ever aspire to be, leaving me in a state of simultaneous admiration and self-reflection.

This sleeping ensemble possesses a trendiness that surpasses many chic everyday outfits I encounter. It surpasses anything the TS4 base game could ever imagine.

Prepare to be amazed by the selection of fourteen swatches available for this fashionable pajama jacket, conveniently located under Gloves in the Body Accessories category.

8. Pajama Party Collection by Saurus

Pajama Party Collection / Sims 4 CC

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I have a strong affinity for custom content variety packs. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to acquire multiple items in a single download. I particularly enjoy the process of sifting through the assortment and handpicking the ones I wish to install.

And let’s face it, the fact that these packs are free adds an extra layer of delight.

The Pajama Party Collection pack by Saurus exemplifies everything I adore in such compilations. To begin with, all the items feature a Maxis Match texture, which aligns perfectly with my personal preference. That’s already a major win.

But then, when you delve into the designs themselves, they are simply stunning and each possesses its own distinct charm.

Take, for instance, the Boyfriend Shirt/Dress—its allure is worlds apart from the XL T-Shirt Outfit. And let’s not even get started on the remarkable contrast between the Sweet Dreams Outfit and the Daydreams Top paired with the Jammie Shorts.

The sheer variety is awe-inspiring!

If one of the sleepwear options fails to capture your interest, fear not! Simply glide over to the next one and discover a whole new realm of possibilities.

Moreover, all four options offer well over twenty color and print choices, and the best part is they are fully compatible with the base game. No separate meshes required.

Prepare yourself for a multitude of style possibilities with the Pajama Party Collection pack. It’s a true gem in the world of custom content.

9. P!ATD Pajama Pants by loricsimmer

P!ATD Pajama Pants / Sims 4 CC

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Calling all my fellow P!ATD enthusiasts!

Just because you may struggle to get your hands on some Panic! At the Disco merchandise doesn’t mean your Sims have to miss out.

Thanks to the creative genius of Loricsimmer, we now have these incredibly appealing Maxis Match pajama pants featuring the iconic P!ATD logo. It’s a strangely endearing combination—well, as endearing as pajama pants can be, that is.

Imagine the comfort and ease of loose, baggy pants made from soft, cozy cotton fabric. Now add in the fact that they proudly display the name of one of the greatest bands of our generation. It’s an irresistible combination, don’t you think?

So why not treat your Sims to the joy of sporting these fabulous P!ATD pajama pants? Let them showcase their love for the band in the coziest and most stylish way possible.

10. Trillyke Moonwalk Pajama Pants

Trillyke Moonwalk Pajama Pants / Sims 4 CC

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Craving a touch of fluff and frills in your sleepwear?

How about adorning your bedtime look with delightful, dainty ruffles along the edges?

Introducing Trillyke’s Moonwalk Pajama Pants, a simple and versatile bottom option that pairs effortlessly with any random top you desire. Whether it’s the featured pajama top in the preview photos or any other sleep shirt from your expansive download folder, these pants will complement them flawlessly.

The texture of the fabric evokes images of a crisp cotton or cozy flannel—sans the typical checkered flannel pattern, of course!

When it comes to design variety, these pajama pants offer a splendid selection of fifteen distinct style swatches. While prints may not be part of the assortment, the range boasts an array of solid color choices that are undeniably attractive.

Indulge in the charm of Trillyke’s Moonwalk Pajama Pants and embrace the comfort and whimsy of bedtime fashion.

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11. Poppy and Jasmine Sleepwear by kumikya

Poppy and Jasmine Sleepwear / Sims 4 CC

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Within this download, you will discover two distinct styles of sleepwear.

Both options present loose and casual pullovers that offer effortless slip-on and slip-off convenience.

The mesh of these garments also conveys a sense of being crafted from the softest, most comforting cotton—an attribute that I personally find highly appealing.

The first style, named Poppy, bears a striking resemblance to a staple in my own wardrobe. It embodies the essence of an oversized plain tee—simple, unadorned, and without any unnecessary frills.

On the other hand, the second style, known as Jasmine, emanates a captivating “boho beach girl” vibe. It showcases woven panels on the chest and boasts embroidered buttons, evoking images of carefree days by the shore.

Both styles are versatile enough to be worn as everyday attire or designated as sleepwear, as per the norm. However, the creator has thoughtfully tagged them as suitable for Hot Weather wear, which, in light of their design, makes perfect sense.

Embrace the charm and versatility of these garments, as they effortlessly blend comfort, style, and practicality into one delightful package.

12. Sweet Sim Dreams PJ Set by sondescent

Sweet Sim Dreams PJ Set / Sims 4 CC

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Introducing the perfect combination of a classic pajama shirt and comfortable cotton sleeping shorts.

Who says pajama bottoms have to be limited to pants? Many people opt for shorts as their preferred sleepwear, and your Sim can effortlessly join in on the trend.

This complete outfit, consisting of the top and shorts, lends your Sim a well-put-together appearance with a relaxed and laid-back vibe. It’s a definite recommendation for those warm summer nights of slumber.

Even if only the shirt or the shorts catch your eye, fret not! They are separate clothing items that can be paired with other items in your CAS (Create a Sim) collection, whether it be custom content or items from the base game.

Enjoy the versatility and style of this pajama ensemble, allowing your Sim to embrace a comfortable and fashionable sleepwear choice.

13. Basegame PJ Pants by Beth Sims

Basegame PJ Pants / Sims 4 CC

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I must say, I share the sentiment expressed by the creator. The base game clothing items truly lack an extensive range of color options.

Considering the removal of Create a Style feature, one would anticipate a greater variety of colors to compensate for it. But perhaps I’m simply venting my frustrations here.

Thankfully, talented creators like Beth Sims have come to the rescue with their recolors.

With this download, you can transform your base game pajama pants from a meager handful of color choices to an impressive selection of 55 swatches. Yes, you heard that right—55 swatches, including the delightful Neutral and Unnatural palettes by WildlyMiniatureSandwich.

To be fair, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the base game items in The Sims 4. However, Simmers yearn for more options in terms of color and style. It can become tiresome when the available colors start feeling repetitive, you know?

Embrace the opportunity to inject fresh life and vibrant variety into your Sim’s wardrobe with this remarkable download.

14. Sims 4 Sleepwear Set by MiCat

Sleepwear Set / Sims 4 CC

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First and foremost, let’s talk about the intriguing choice of the pajama top as sleepwear.

I’m sure you already have a clear picture of the one I’m referring to. Most people I know tend to gravitate towards loose and breathable garments when it comes to bedtime attire. That’s why the form-fitting, body-con style with a daring chest window is quite a departure for me.

However, that in no way diminishes the design itself. The Bab Bab Open Chest Crop Tops truly make a statement! They effortlessly exude a “casual yet cool” vibe, capturing attention with their distinctive aesthetic. It’s worth noting that the availability of light pastel hues and soft saturated swatches further enhances their appeal.

The same can be said for the Bab Bab Tops and Bab Bab Bottoms. Despite being separate pieces, they beautifully coordinate, allowing you to create a perfectly matching sleepwear set.

Indulge in the allure of the Bab Bab collection and embrace a sleepwear style that exudes confidence and contemporary charm.

15. Pajamas Bottom Pack by nekros

Pajamas Bottom Pack / Sims 4 CC

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These pajamas only offer four swatches, and in terms of design and texture, they resemble the default base game pajama bottoms.

Now, you might wonder why I’ve chosen to include them in this list. Well, let me give you two compelling reasons: panda prints and Pusheen.

I believe that explanation speaks for itself. If given the opportunity, I would absolutely purchase the Pusheen pajamas, and you can be certain that I would happily lounge around the house wearing them day in and day out.

16. Edwardian Men’s Underwear & Nightwear

Edwardian Men’s Underwear & Nightwear / Sims 4 CC

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You may have thought I overlooked the male Sims, but rest assured, I did not forget about them.

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many custom options available for male Sim models compared to their female counterparts (at least for now). However, fear not, because the Sims CC community is stepping up their game when it comes to inclusivity, far surpassing the efforts of the official Sims team.

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Now, let’s focus on this remarkable sleepwear pack created by historicalsimslife, which introduces three distinct outfits tailored specifically for male frames. Each outfit exudes a stylishly nostalgic charm.

The creator’s name alone should provide a clue as to why they decided to release these old-fashioned pajama sets. For those who adore classic vintage styles and have a penchant for old-timey Renaissance or Victorian outfits, this pack is an absolute treat.

When you click on the download link, you’ll be directed to the creator’s directory, so don’t be surprised by the multitude of files. Simply use the handy “ctrl + f” (or “cmd + f” for Mac users) shortcut and type in “Edwardian” to find exactly what you’re looking for.

However, just in case you encounter any difficulties, here are the direct simfileshare links for the nightgown, the pajamas, and the underwear.

Embrace the unique and captivating allure of these vintage-inspired sleepwear options, tailor-made for your male Sims.

17. Pillow Fight by GoodChillsStudio

Pillow Fight / Sims 4 CC

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How about a pajama set that strikes the perfect balance between sweet and saucy? It’s a delightful combination of cuteness with a touch of coy charm.

Introducing GoodChillsStudio’s Pillow Fight sleepwear set, where lacy shorts meet a teeny spaghetti-strap cropped top adorned with delicate lace and ribbons. It may seem like an unusual pairing, but somehow it works flawlessly. I must say, I’m truly impressed by the creator’s ability to bring this unique vision to life.

The set offers a total of 21 swatches for both the tops and bottoms, allowing for plenty of customization options. While mixing and matching is possible, it would be a shame to separate these pieces, given how adorable they look together.

Indulge in the loveliness of this sleepwear set that effortlessly captures the essence of sweetness and allure. Prepare for a delightful bedtime experience with GoodChillsStudio’s Pillow Fight set.

18. Cami PJs Shorts by Nords

Cami PJs Shorts / Sims 4 CC

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When the night feels hot and suffocating, it’s time to bid farewell to flannel pajamas and fuzzy bathrobes. Instead, slip into a pair of cotton-soft, silky smooth sleeping shorts that will make you feel incredibly comfortable.

While they may not be the epitome of luxury, these shorts possess an undeniable cuteness and provide unbeatable comfort.

The best part? They effortlessly complement any sleep top you choose to pair them with. Whether it’s a lacy white sleep top, an oversized shirt, a well-worn tank, or a cropped cotton tee, these shorts will seamlessly match with any of the 25 available swatches. With ten solid colors and fifteen charming patterns to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Allow me to personally recommend the delightful unicorns-in-donuts pattern. It’s a whimsical and playful choice that is sure to bring a smile to your face. I had a tremendous amount of fun with that particular pattern!

So, embrace the comfort and versatility of these sleeping shorts and experience a good night’s sleep in style.

19. Urban Basegame Recolor Pajamas by Urban

Urban Basegame Recolor Pajamas / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

The gradient coloring of this set caught me off guard, but in the most delightful way.

Typically, Maxis Match items tend to feature solid, saturated colors that complement the clayified, cartoonish aesthetic. That’s why the unique coloring of these pajamas piqued my curiosity.

Fortunately, the pajamas exceeded my expectations when I saw them in-game. They look absolutely fantastic.

With a generous selection of 24 swatches to choose from, there’s an abundance of beautiful colors to suit every taste. Personally, I have a soft spot for the white-pinstriped variations of the pajama bottoms.

Embrace the unexpected allure of this set with its captivating gradient coloring. The pajamas are sure to bring a touch of excitement and style to your Sims’ nighttime attire.

20. Sandwich Jammies (Simblreen 2017) by WildlyMiniatureSandwich

Sandwich Jammies / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This CC

We’re concluding this list with yet another delightful variety pack of nightly essentials from the talented creator, WildlyMiniatureSandwich.

If the name alone hasn’t captured your attention (which, by the way, it certainly did for me), the preview photos definitely will.

Just take a look at how stylish and practical these sets are. The best part? You get all of them in a single download!

Start by selecting your preferred style: tank tops, short-sleeved button tops, or cozy long-sleeved jammies. Then, pair them with your choice of reliable undies, breathable sleeping shorts, or snug pajama pants.

But that’s not all—there’s a delightful little bonus included as well. The creator has thoughtfully added a pair of puffy bedroom slippers to complete the ensemble.

How cute is that? The answer is very.

I absolutely adore this pack, and I’m confident that you will too.

Prepare to enhance your Sims’ bedtime routines with this fabulous collection of sleepwear essentials.

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