Sims 4 Maxis Match Toddler Furniture CC (All Free)


Adding custom content to your game is practically a must for any simmer who loves to create custom homes for their beloved sim families. After all, vanilla gameplay can only take you so far before you start craving some extra flair.

As someone who is constantly designing new households and building up their lives, I can say with certainty that children and toddlers always require special attention. They are the future of your sim world, after all, and they’re just too adorable to ignore!

But let’s not forget that toddlers can be little terrors too! That’s why they need a plethora of toys to keep them occupied and out of trouble. Sadly, the selection of toys available in the base game is lacking. That’s why downloading custom content is a no-brainer.

And if you’re someone who loves to keep everything cohesive and uniform, then Maxis-match custom content is the cherry on top. It seamlessly blends in with the base game and other custom content, making everything look cohesive and polished.

1. Roarsome Kids Bedroom

Roarsome Kids Bedroom Set / TS4 CC

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Indulging in custom content for sim kids is practically a rite of passage for any simmer.

Even if you consider yourself a purist, you can’t help but fall in love with a particular family and feel the need to create a unique space for their little ones.

In my case, it seems to happen every time!

Toddlers are a precious and chaotic bunch that need all the love and attention they can get. And, of course, all the toys they can handle.

With limited options from EA, custom content is the way to go. And Maxis-match CC is the cherry on top!

So, let me kick off this list with a fantastic find: the Roarsome Kids Bedroom set.

This CC collection is massive, boasting 30 new items, including functional ones like all the beds and the bookshelf, and an array of swatches to choose from.

Each item has at least 4 swatches, while some have a whopping 44! The designs are Maxis-match and feature one of the most popular and fun themes for a kid’s room: animals.

From giraffes to koalas, this set will let you turn your toddler’s bedroom into a safe, cozy, and far less smelly zoo.

2. Stephanie Nursery Apple Toy Box

Stephanie Nursery Apple Toy Box for The Sims 4

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Searching for the perfect toy box can be a daunting task, especially when you’re looking for a Maxis-match design. Luckily, this CC has you covered on both fronts, and it also happens to be delightfully creative.

The apple-themed toy box is adorable, but it gets even better when you see your little Sim toddlers peeking into it to pick out their favorite toy. What’s more, this CC is fully functional, so your Sims can actually use it.

While it doesn’t come with any swatches, that’s not a big deal since it’s a simple woven basket. The colors that were chosen for the design do an excellent job of resembling a woven apple while showcasing the intricate texture.

3. Cutie-Pie Kids Room Desk Chair

Cutie-Pie Kids Room Desk Chair / Sims 4 CC

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Check Out This Adorable CC!

As a Sim parent, watching your kids grow up and do adult-like things such as homework or sitting in front of the computer can be unnerving. But with this desk chair CC, you’ll see your little ones in a whole new light – one that’s super cute and totally Maxis-match!

This CC offers a total of 60 swatches, with 6 basic colors and 10 patterns featuring stylistic animals such as rabbits, bears, and cats. And if animals aren’t your thing, there’s also a robot and a fairy design to choose from.

The Cutie-Pie Kids Room Desk Chair is the perfect addition to any Sim child’s room, making it not only functional but also adorable.

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4. Whimsy Circus Toddler Set

Whimsy Circus Toddler Set / TS4 CC

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The circus has always been a magical place, full of wonder and excitement. But for some reason, it’s becoming increasingly rare to see families attending one.

If you want to bring the magic of the circus to your Sim toddlers, this Whimsy Circus set is the perfect way to do it – no need for a circus mod or any ethical concerns.

The set includes a bed, wallpaper, and growth chart (although, unfortunately, it’s useless in The Sims 4). Everything has a unified color scheme, but the bed has three swatches that feature different circus-themed patterns. It’s all just adorable and will transport your Sim toddlers to a whimsical world of excitement and adventure.

5. Toddler Bed (by Chalipo)

Toddler Bed CC (Maxis Match) for The Sims 4

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If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish toddler bed CC, then look no further than Chalipo’s creation. While it may not have as many options as other packs, this bed still packs a punch with its two main styles.

The cream, gray, and brown shades of the bed frames give off a calm and cozy vibe, perfect for a quaint suburban home or a cozy cottage in the woods. But if you’re looking for something a bit more vibrant, the lego brick colored bed frames are sure to make a statement in any urban setting.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity – this bed is a great addition to any sim toddler’s room.

6. Toddler Creativity Pack

Toddler Creativity Pack (Maxis Match) Sims 4 CC

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The Toddler Creativity Pack is an excellent CC set that caters to the imaginative minds of young ones. There’s no doubt that a child’s creativity is boundless, and this pack aims to nurture that.

Inside this pack are four functional toys with custom animations that will provide your sim toddlers with music and drawing tools. It’s the perfect way to give your children an avenue to express themselves and have loads of fun in the process.

You can feel the creativity that went into the creation of this CC, and it shows in every detail of the set. Overall, the Toddler Creativity Pack is an outstanding addition to any sim family that wants to encourage their little ones to explore their artistic side.

7. Wicker O’ Wisp Kids Room

Wicker O’ Wisp Kids Room Set / TS4 CC

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The Wicker O’ Wisp Kids Room CC is a delightful addition to any sim child’s living space. This set creates a cozy and warm atmosphere with its woven wood and handmade aesthetic. It’s not at all like the rickety and spooky home atmospheres that some games have. You’ll find all the essentials that your child’s room needs to feel like home, such as a toy box, a desk, and a chair. Additionally, there are both a toddler-sized bed and a crib included, perfect for siblings with a small age gap. With 8-14 variations for each mesh, this CC offers plenty of choices, making it even more desirable.

8. Lenny Kidsroom Furniture

Lenny Kidsroom Furniture Set (Maxis Match) Sims 4 CC

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Discover the ultimate kids room set for those who love a dreamy and cozy atmosphere. The Lenny Kidsroom Furniture collection features all the essentials needed to create the perfect space for your little ones.

The star of the show is the tent-shaped bed, which is sure to fill your child with wonder and delight. But that’s not all; the set also includes an airplane shelf, a world-map rug, and a dream catcher to complete the dreamy aesthetic.

While the furniture pieces come in soft greys, browns, and pastels, most of them offer multiple shades to choose from, giving you the freedom to customize the look of your child’s room to your heart’s content.

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9. Kids Bedroom CC Pack

Kids Bedroom CC Pack (Maxis Match) Sims 4

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Don’t let the simple name fool you – this CC collection packs a punch! In typical Maxis-match style, this pack includes a colorful and creative range of features that are sure to make your little sim’s bedroom pop.

With a whopping 46 new items, each with multiple swatches, variations, and lengths, you’ll have endless possibilities for customization.

And if you’re into large sim families (hello, 100 baby challenge), this collection will save you from having to download multiple CCs to furnish each child’s bedroom.

One standout feature is the 10 different bed frames inspired by the beloved freezer bunny – a cute and quirky addition to any child’s bedroom.

10. Functional Toddler Bunk Bed

Functional Toddler Bunk Bed / TS4 CC

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As a virtual parent, you want your little ones to have the best. That’s why when it comes to maximizing space and budget, this Functional Toddler Bunk Bed CC is a must-have.

The idea of siblings sharing a room may sound daunting, but with this piece of CC, you can have your toddlers sleep in style and comfort, while saving precious space in the process.

This bunk bed is also fully animated, so you can watch your little ones climb up the ladder and cozy up for a good night’s sleep. It’s the perfect solution for those who have a growing family, limited space, or just looking for a fun addition to their kid’s room.

11. Toddler Bedroom Stuff

Toddler Bedroom Stuff Clutter Set (Maxis Match) Sims 4 CC

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Check out this amazing CC pack that will add a touch of fun and functionality to your toddler’s life! Although the name may suggest it’s only for the bedroom, this pack includes plenty of items that can be used in other rooms or even outside. For instance, the basketball hoop could find its place in the living room or backyard. And how about the toddler swing that’s perfect for endless hours of fun? In the real world, it would probably raise a few eyebrows, but in The Sims 4, you can let your toddler enjoy it without any worry. The best part is that all of the items in this pack are fully functional, which means your little ones will be able to use them to their heart’s content.

12. Toddler Bed Frames and Mattresses

Toddler Bed Frames and Mattresses for The Sims 4

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CC for Cute and Customizable Toddler Beds

Looking for more cute toddler beds to add to your Sims 4 game? Look no further than this CC pack!

Featuring three different bed frames to choose from – a dinosaur bed, a car-shaped bed, and a cozy regular bed – this pack also gives your little Sims the option to customize their sleeping space even further by selecting a mattress to match their personality.

But that’s not all – each bed is made up of a separate bed frame and mattress, giving you even more opportunities to mix and match and create the perfect look for your Sim toddler’s bedroom.

13. Odette Kids Room

Odette Kids Room Set / Sims 4 CC

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Odette Kids Room CC set has a playful and whimsical design that reminds me of a fairytale world. The four mirrors and wardrobes in this set are adorned with cute little animal ears, making them a perfect fit for any animal lover. Two of the pieces even have tiny horns on top, adding an extra touch of whimsy.

While the Monsters Inc. comparison is a stretch, I do agree that this set is really cute! If you or your little one is a Disney fan, the mouse ear version of this set is a great choice. With its bright color palette and adorable design, it’ll be sure to delight any Disney-loving Sim.

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14. The Kids Room High Chair

Kids Room High Chair / TS4 CC

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When it comes to taking care of your little ones, mealtime is one of the most important parts of the day.

This CC set offers a solution that is both adorable and functional – a bear-themed high chair!

Not only does it provide a secure and comfortable spot for your sim toddlers to sit and eat, but it also adds a touch of cuteness to any kitchen or dining area.

While the bear design itself remains constant, you have the option to choose from three different colors for the rest of the high chair – classic baby blue and pink, as well as a more neutral grey.

Make mealtime stress-free and enjoyable for both you and your little sim hobgoblins with this must-have CC.

15. Teddy Go-Go Potty

Teddy Go-Go Toddler Potty for The Sims 4

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This CC offers a solution to a less glamorous but nonetheless essential part of parenting toddlers – potty training. It can be a challenge to find a functional toilet that is actually suitable for your little sim, especially considering how odd it looks for a tiny toddler to use a regular adult-sized toilet. Thankfully, this fully functional potty chair CC is the perfect answer to that problem. Not only is it practical, but it also comes in seven different swatches to match any decor. Say goodbye to those unappealing base game potty chairs and hello to this dreamy Teddy Go-Go Potty.

16. Toddler Simulation Toilet Potty Chair

Toddler Simulation Toilet Potty Chair / Sims 4 CC

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For those who prefer a more traditional look, this potty chair conversion will be a life-saver. While it’s an EA item, it comes in a whopping 17 swatches, giving you more variety than ever before.

Say goodbye to those bland Sims 4 swatches and hello to a rainbow of options.

As with the original, this potty chair is fully functional and perfect for helping your little ones take their first steps towards using the bathroom.

Using EA items is always a safe bet since they’re guaranteed to be Maxis-match. By this point, they might as well be considered official game content

17. Cutie Pie Toy Box

Cutie Pie Toy Box (Maxis Match) TS4 CC

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If you’re looking for a charming toy chest to add to your child’s room, the Cutie Pie Toy Chest is the perfect solution.

This item is part of SimPlistic’s Cutie Pie collection, and its design is simple and sweet, featuring delicate pastel colors and playful decals.

The best part? There are 20 different swatches to choose from, each with its own unique design and color scheme. The swatches range from cute horses to playful robots to adorable kittens, ensuring that there’s something for every child.

Overall, the Cutie Pie Toy Chest is a lovely addition to any child’s room, providing both practical storage and charming decoration.

18. Nature Kids Extras Set

Nature Kids Extras Set for The Sims 4

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Nature-Inspired Kids’ Decor Set

Explore the great outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home with this charming set of nature-inspired kids’ decor. It’s perfect for parents who want to instill a love of nature in their little ones from an early age.

This CC set includes a variety of ‘extras’ that are essential for creating a cohesive and stylish kids’ room. From toy boxes to dollhouses to a lovely potted plant, you’ll have everything you need to decorate your little one’s space.

One of the standout items in this pack is the alphabet learning poster, available in both Simlish and English. It’s a fun and educational addition to any child’s bedroom.

With so many items to choose from, you can mix and match to create a personalized look that perfectly fits your sim family’s style.

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