Best Pet Clutter Packs for The Sims 4 (All Free)

If you truly adore our furry friends and it brings you joy, express your appreciation with a resounding applause!

Alternatively, indulge in adorning your abode to reflect your affinity for animals.

The captivating expansion pack, “The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs,” bestowed upon us a plethora of delightful gameplay features, along with the delightful companionship of charming critters to call our own. Personally, I found myself particularly enamored with the splendid array of new hairstyles and fashionable attire that graced our virtual wardrobes. The paw-print crop top sweater, in particular, holds a special place in my heart. Moreover, the assortment of Build n’ Buy items proved to be a delightful blend of aesthetic embellishments and practical furnishings.

However, one can never have too much of a good thing, can they?

Hence, I present to you a captivating compilation of endearing trinkets and baubles to scatter artfully throughout your Sim’s abode. These adorable pet-related items will imbue your virtual dwelling with a sense of warmth and coziness, perfectly capturing the essence of our beloved animal companions.

1. Misc. Cats & Dogs Clutter: The Leash Wrangler by brazenlotus

Misc. Cats & Dogs Clutter by brazenlotus / TS4 CC

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Introducing the marvelous creation by brazenlotus: The Leash Wrangler, a remarkable addition to your Sims’ feline and canine adventures.

Let’s face it, one aspect that has always puzzled me in The Sims 4 is the mysterious appearance and disappearance of the leash when your Sim takes their furry friend for a walk. Where does it materialize from? Where does it vanish when its purpose is served? The enigma remains.

Thankfully, the ingenious solution presented by brazenlotus in The Leash Wrangler imbues a sense of realism into this perplexing scenario. This delightful item artfully simulates the presence of a leash, ensuring that the illusion remains intact. Now, your Sim can proudly display the leash when it is not in use, like any responsible and devoted pet owner would.

While this extraordinary creation takes center stage, it is worth noting that the set includes a variety of other captivating clutter items to enhance your Sims’ pet-themed surroundings. However, should you desire to focus solely on The Leash Wrangler, fear not, for you have the option to download this exceptional piece separately, granting you the freedom to choose from its delightful array of three charming colors.

2. Muttropolitan Dog Set by Ravasheen

Muttropolitan Dog Set by Ravasheen Sims 4 CC

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Prepare yourself for a delightful dose of pet-themed puns, as they are bound to make an appearance in this article. However, setting wordplay aside, I must emphasize that the Muttropolitan Dog Set created by the talented Ravasheen is truly a marvelous discovery!

Within this set, you’ll uncover an array of enjoyable and practical items to enrich your Sim’s furry companion’s life. Allow me to present some of the highlights:

Pet wash tub: A fantastic addition for keeping your beloved pets squeaky clean and pampered.

Pet agility pole: This unique structure, resembling a naked tree, provides an entertaining and challenging activity for your furry friends, promoting their physical well-being.

Squeaker toy shaped like a newspaper: A playful nod to the canine love for fetching, this adorable toy is sure to keep your pets happily occupied.

Plastic toy bin filled with colorful little nom agents: A delightful sight indeed, this bin is brimming with a collection of vibrant toys, ensuring endless entertainment for your cherished companions.

And that’s not all! Among the delightful surprises included in this set, you’ll even find a functional squeaker toy designed in the likeness of the beloved Freezer Bunny. Prepare for hours of joyous playtime!

In essence, the Muttropolitan Dog Set by Ravasheen is a treasure trove of whimsical and practical items, perfectly suited for enhancing the lives of your Sim’s four-legged family members.

3. Dog Food & Care Set Part 1 by coati sims

Dog Food & Care Set Part 1 by coati sims for Sims 4

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Indulge in the delightful clutter offerings of the Dog Food & Care Set Part 1, thoughtfully crafted by the talented coati sims. This remarkable creation ensures that your Sim’s dedication to their beloved canine companion is proudly displayed for all to see.

Within this clutter pack, you will discover an assortment of realistic items, including dog food, dog treats, and dog soap/shampoo. Each piece is meticulously designed as original meshes, guaranteeing an authentic and immersive experience. The best part? You won’t require any additional expansion packs to enjoy these marvelous additions—just the base game is all you need to seamlessly incorporate them into your Sims’ lives.

By adorning your Sim’s home with these charming dog-related items, you not only showcase their commitment to providing the best care for their furry friend but also create a visually captivating environment that exudes warmth and love.

Embrace the joy of pet ownership and let your Sims shine as responsible and caring companions to their canine pals with the Dog Food & Care Set Part 1 by coati sims.

4. Comfortable Wooden Bed House w/ Waterpot Texture by redheadsims

Comfortable Wooden Bed House w/ Waterpot Texture by redheadsims TS4 CC

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Prepare to be enchanted by the Comfortable Wooden Bed House with Waterpot Texture, a captivating creation by the talented redheadsims. While technically classified as a functional furniture item, its adorable design sets it apart, making it a truly unique addition to your Sim’s abode.

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Despite its functionality, this pet bed possesses an undeniable charm that can seamlessly blend into the aesthetics of your carefully curated interior. Whether tucked away in a cozy corner of a room or strategically incorporated alongside complementary décor pieces, this bed has the potential to contribute to a visually pleasing composition.

However, it is worth mentioning that navigating the creator’s website may prove to be a tad confusing. Should you encounter any difficulties accessing the original download page, fear not! You can always explore the alternative links available on Sims Finds. The designated link for dogs can be found here, while the link for cats can be accessed through this route.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your Sim’s living space with the Comfortable Wooden Bed House with Waterpot Texture by redheadsims, and create an inviting sanctuary where your cherished pets can rest in comfort and style.

5. Emoji Ball by Kliekie

Emoji Ball by Kliekie Sims 4 CC

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Prepare to be charmed by the Emoji Ball, a delightful custom content creation by Kliekie. This adorable dog toy is a must-have for any Sim who wants to add a touch of playfulness to their furry friend’s life.

With an impressive selection of 25 swatches, each adorned with a popular chat app emoji, you can easily pick a mood that perfectly matches your pet’s playful spirit. From the classic Smiling Face to the appreciative LOL Face, the designs are undeniably cute and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Whether they serve as functional squeaker toys or simply adorable clutter items, these Emoji Balls look fantastic when scattered around your Sim’s home. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to personally test their functionality, but I wholeheartedly recommend incorporating them into your Sim’s household for either purpose.

It’s important to note that in order to enjoy the delightful meshes of the Emoji Ball, you will need The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs pack. So, make sure you have this expansion pack to fully experience the whimsical joy these toys bring to your furry companions’ lives.

6. Functional Cubby Bed Insert by Ravasheen

Functional Cubby Bed Insert by Ravasheen for Sims 4

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Prepare to be enchanted by the Functional Cubby Bed Insert, a delightful creation by the talented Ravasheen. This charming cat-themed cubby provides undeniable proof of the famous feline saying: “If I fits, I sits.”

Derived from Ravasheen’s popular “Do It Your-shelf” cubbies, this functional insert-able cat bed is a delightful spin-off that adds a touch of coziness to your Sim’s living space.

Explaining the intricacies of how these cubby bed inserts work can be a bit challenging, so I highly recommend visiting the original download page on Ravasheen’s website to obtain all the details and instructions.

What you need to know is that these adorable cat beds can be seamlessly inserted into shelves alongside regular item drawers, providing a snug spot for your feline friends to rest and relax. While the insert beds are part of a larger set, fear not! You can download them individually from this designated link.

Embrace the whimsical charm of the Functional Cubby Bed Insert by Ravasheen, and create a cozy sanctuary where your furry companions can enjoy their own special place within the shelves of your Sim’s home.

7. Naturalis Pets Décor by SIMcredible!

Naturalis Pets Décor by SIMcredible! TS4 CC

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Indulge yourself in the delightful creations of SIMcredible! as they never fail to impress. Their creations are a treat, always exhibiting cleverness, aesthetic appeal, functionality, or even a perfect blend of all these qualities.

Among their marvelous offerings, the Naturalis Pets Décor collection stands out, showcasing 13 meticulously crafted pet-themed decorations that effortlessly capture the essence of charm.

From the enchanting wooden dog and cat wall art to the adorable pawprint décor and the hanging rack cleverly shaped like a dog bone treat, every piece within this set exudes cuteness and boasts impeccable execution. SIMcredible! has truly brought these charming concepts to life with great finesse.

It’s worth noting that only the cactus-shaped cat scratching post requires The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion pack. However, rejoice, as everything else within the collection is compatible with the base game itself, ensuring that you can enjoy these delightful additions without any additional requirements.

Allow your Sim’s living space to be adorned with the Naturalis Pets Décor by SIMcredible!, and revel in the beauty of these pet-themed decorations that effortlessly blend into any setting, adding a touch of whimsy and warmth to your Sim’s abode.

8. TS4 Pet Bed “Maple Leaf” by helen-sims

TS4 Pet Bed “Maple Leaf” by helen-sims Sims 4 CC

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Behold the TS4 Pet Bed “Maple Leaf” brought to life by the creative mind of helen-sims. Prepare to be captivated by its ingenious design and versatility.

At first glance, this cleverly-shaped dog bed possesses such elegance that it could easily masquerade as a magnificent maple leaf-shaped rug or cushion. Place it atop a light wooden floor, and the contrast it creates is simply breathtaking. Decorative rugs of the past, step aside!

But there’s more to this pet bed than meets the eye. Not only does it serve as a stunning decorative piece, but it also fulfills its primary function with utmost comfort for your furry companions. The attention to detail in helen-sims’ creation is truly commendable.

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Indulge your Sims and their beloved pets with the TS4 Pet Bed “Maple Leaf,” an exquisite addition that seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics. Experience the delight of witnessing your four-legged friends peacefully nestled upon this marvelous creation, while simultaneously enhancing the ambiance of your Sim’s living space.

9. Holiday Pets by evi

Holiday Pets by evi for Sims 4

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Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with the delightful creation of Holiday Pets by evi. If your furry companions are not particularly fond of donning Santa hats, fret not! There’s an alternative way to infuse your home with festive cheer.

Introducing the seasonal decorative rugs adorned with joyful pet-themed designs. Picture a charming welcome mat featuring an adorable sausage dog donning a festive sweater, ready to greet your guests with a wagging tail. Or perhaps a bedroom mat showcasing a cat and dog standing guard over a pile of beautifully wrapped presents, adding an extra touch of holiday magic to your Sim’s living space. The cuteness overload is simply irresistible!

With these enchanting rugs, you can effortlessly maintain the holiday vibes throughout your home, embracing the spirit of the season without compromising your pet’s comfort. Let these holiday-happy pet-themed rugs become a cherished part of your festive decor, evoking smiles and spreading joy to all who encounter them.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your Sim’s holiday experience with the irresistible charm of Holiday Pets by evi.

10. Veterinary Vet Clinic CC Sims 4 by syboulette

Veterinary Vet Clinic CC Sims 4 by syboulette TS4 CC

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Get ready for a game-changing addition to your Sim’s world with the Veterinary Vet Clinic CC Sims 4 by syboulette. Brace yourself, because this custom content is about to take your Sim’s pet care experience to new heights.

Picture this: your Sim wants the flexibility of a portable pet care center or perhaps they desire to transform an underutilized guest bedroom into a fully functional at-home clinic, enabling them to respond to emergencies around the clock. Well, guess what? It’s all possible!

With the Veterinary Vet Clinic CC, you gain access to a remarkable collection of 17 custom items meticulously designed to cater to the needs of your furry friends. This extraordinary set combines both functional furniture and adorable pet-themed décor and clutter items, offering a comprehensive toolkit to build and design a space that is absolutely purr-fect for the care and well-being of cats and dogs alike.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where your Sim can effortlessly create a pet-friendly haven, complete with essential furniture pieces and delightful decorative items that exude charm and warmth. From examination tables to pet-themed wall decorations, this CC set has you covered.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your Sim’s pet care journey with the Veterinary Vet Clinic CC Sims 4 by syboulette, and let your imagination run wild as you create the ultimate haven for your beloved four-legged companions.

11. Meow and Woof Pets CC Sims 4 by syboulette

Meow and Woof Pets CC Sims 4 by syboulette Sims 4 CC

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Prepare to be enchanted by the Meow and Woof Pets CC Sims 4, an exquisite custom content set created by the talented syboulette. As the same creator behind the Veterinary Vet Clinic CC pack, this collection is a testament to their creative prowess.

While the Meow and Woof Pets CC set may be slightly smaller in comparison, it is by no means any less delightful. Within this collection, you will discover a range of custom objects that exude cuteness and cleverness in equal measure.

Indulge in the charm of the cat-shaped cat bowl, a whimsical addition to your Sim’s pet care routine. Explore the storage-unit cat climbing shelves, an innovative solution that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal, providing your feline friends with an engaging and space-saving environment. And let’s not forget the cat-shaped automatic food dispenser, a practical yet adorable device that adds convenience to your Sim’s pet care responsibilities.

Each item within this CC set showcases syboulette’s attention to detail and their dedication to creating objects that enhance the lives of both cats and dogs in The Sims 4. With these custom objects, you can create a truly captivating and immersive pet-centric space for your furry companions.

Embrace the Meow and Woof Pets CC Sims 4 by syboulette, and let the cuteness and cleverness of these custom objects bring joy and functionality to your Sim’s pet care routine.

12. Meow-dern Cat Set by Ravasheen

Meow-dern Cat Set by Ravasheen for Sims 4

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Prepare to be whisked away by the Meow-dern Cat Set, a remarkable creation by the pun-loving Ravasheen. As promised, the puns keep rolling in, adding an extra touch of whimsy to this delightful CC collection.

You may recall a brief mention of this set in relation to Ravasheen’s Functional Cubby (Cat) Bed Insert, but now it’s time to delve deeper into its captivating offerings. With 12 cat-themed and cat-friendly creations, this grab bag of wonders is nothing short of beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Here’s the best part: even if your Sim doesn’t have a feline companion, the furniture and décor items in this pack seamlessly blend into their living space. The versatility and exquisite design of each object ensure that they become stunning additions to any home, regardless of whether a cat is present or not. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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While all the objects within the Meow-dern Cat Set are cleverly crafted, there are a few that demand special attention. First, we have the floating-shelves cat tree, a unique and visually striking creation that combines functionality with style, providing your feline friends with a fun and elevated space to explore. Next up is the functional cat bed cubby insert, which beautifully complements Ravasheen’s previous creation, creating a cozy and inviting nook for your furry companions. And let’s not forget about the fuzzy floor jar of flowers, a delightful and dual-purpose object that not only adds a touch of floral elegance but also serves as a cat scratch post. Talk about multifunctionality!

Indulge in the Meow-dern Cat Set by Ravasheen, and let the cleverness and impeccable construction of these objects bring a sense of joy and sophistication to your Sim’s living space. Whether you have a cat or simply appreciate their charm, this CC collection is bound to captivate your heart.

13. Set Pet Bed Biscuit by Cappus Sims 4 You

Set Pet Bed Biscuit by Cappus Sims 4 You TS4 CC

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Introducing the delightful Set Pet Bed Biscuit by Cappus Sims 4 You. Brace yourself for a tongue-twister as you try to say that name five times fast—I must admit, it’s quite a challenge!

This biscuit-shaped and themed pet bed follows in the footsteps of the beloved Pet Bed “Maple Leaf” by helen-sims. Function meets aesthetics in this charming furniture item that can effortlessly double as a decorative rug if left to its own devices.

The distinct shape and design of the bed make it an eye-catching addition to any space. Picture it nestled within a room, resembling a delicious ginger-brown biscuit that adds a touch of whimsy and warmth. To truly make the colors of the biscuit pop, I recommend placing it on floors with contrasting hues, creating a stunning visual contrast.

Embrace the uniqueness of the Set Pet Bed Biscuit by Cappus Sims 4 You, and allow its distinctive charm to infuse your Sim’s living space with a cozy and playful atmosphere. Whether your furry companions choose to curl up for a nap or explore their surroundings, this functional furniture item will surely become a focal point in your Sim’s home.

14. Animal Lovers – Nov 2021 Set (2) by Cowbuild

Animal Lovers – Nov 2021 Set (2) by Cowbuild / Sims 4 CC

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Prepare to be amazed by the Animal Lovers – Nov 2021 Set (2) by Cowbuild, a true gem in the world of custom content. Trust me, stumbling upon this collection is bound to fill your heart with joy.

These pet and animal-themed items go beyond mere aesthetics, capturing a sense of beauty and charm that is simply irresistible. Imagine light-washed wood, soft and muted pastels, intricate woven designs, and a harmonious blend of clean, minimalist shapes with gentle curves and solid lines. It’s a visual feast that will leave you mesmerized.

Let’s talk about the quality of this set—it’s truly off the charts. The genius of the pet bunk bed and the clever food-and-water-bowl combo alone are enough to captivate any animal lover. But wait, there’s more! The giraffe hanging lights bring a whimsical touch, while the macramé cat bed adds a bohemian flair. And let’s not forget the stunning French pet sofa in a captivating dusky rose color. These objects are beyond words—they exude an indescribable love and admiration for our furry friends.

So, don’t hesitate to download and immerse yourself in the Animal Lovers – Nov 2021 Set (2) by Cowbuild. Experience the joy and beauty that these objects bring, just as I did. Let your Sim’s home become a sanctuary filled with the essence of love and appreciation for our beloved animal companions. Enjoy every moment of it!

15. Realistic Bags of Dog Chow by xSarahsShadyx

Realistic Bags of Dog Chow by xSarahsShadyx for The Sims 4

Check Out This CC

Allow me to introduce you to the Realistic Bags of Dog Chow by xSarahsShadyx, a must-have CC item for all dog lovers out there.

As the name suggests, this CC brings you decorative piles of 20lb bags of dog food. What makes it even more exciting is that it now features popular and beloved pet care brands like Pedigree, Redford, and Beneful. These authentic brand representations add a touch of realism to your Sims’ homes, making them feel even more lifelike.

While these bags may not boast the whimsical and clayified texture of Maxis Match clutter, nor do they feature any fictional brands from the Sims universe, they serve a unique purpose. They bring a sense of authenticity and practicality to your Sims’ lives, especially if they are proud owners of multiple dogs or a particularly voracious furry friend. Having piles of these dog food bags scattered around the house makes perfect sense and adds an extra layer of realism to your gameplay.

So, if you’re looking to enhance the realism and immerse yourself in the daily routines of caring for your Sims’ furry companions, don’t miss out on the Realistic Bags of Dog Chow by xSarahsShadyx. It’s a small detail that can make a big difference in bringing your Sims’ world to life.

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