Sims 4 Princess Jasmine CC: The Ultimate List


Whether your admiration leans toward “Aladdin” or its origins in ‘One Thousand and One Nights,’ Princess Jasmine embodies an emblem of spirited teenage defiance.

Who can blame her? The notion of marriage at the tender age of fifteen wouldn’t sit well with anyone.

Jasmine, alongside her loyal companion Rajah, holds an eternal place as one of Disney’s original nine princesses. Moreover, she stands as the ninth generation of the Sims 4 Disney princess challenge. If you’ve yet to delve into the world of Sims 4 challenges, the princess challenge offers an entertaining initiation. Each generation of your sim family follows a distinct set of rules, a delightful framework to uphold.

Jasmine’s stipulations within this challenge dictate that she must nurture a best friend, aptly named Rajah. Her excursions beyond the house are confined to school, and her destined partner must emerge from the ranks of the street rats. Love finds its way into the criminal career, while parenthood remains capped at a maximum of four children.

Should you possess the Cats and Dogs expansion pack, Rajah takes on the role of a cherished pet. Their bond should evolve to companion status during Jasmine’s childhood.

Now, armed with your resolve to embark, it’s time to curate custom content fit for your enchanting princess set for magic carpet escapades.

1. Jasmine Classic Outfit

Jasmine Classic Outfit / Sims 4 CC

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Funny how the parallels between Jasmine’s customary attire and the harem girls who playfully engage with Aladdin during the street rat sequence had previously eluded my notice. An intriguing artistic decision on Disney’s part.

Now, let’s unveil the treasures that lie within: the timeless blue ensemble that defines Jasmine’s essence, and the attire she graces while under Jafar’s captivity.

Moreover, this collection extends to encompass the dancer’s ensembles, complete with their accompanying veils and headpieces in harmonizing shades of pink, magenta, and purple. It’s a vibrant ensemble that caters to the essence of each character.

2. Jasmine Hair and Earrings

Jasmine Hair and Earrings / Sims 4 CC

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The flawless replication of Jasmine’s hair is masterfully brought to life by the talented Tekrisims.

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Adding to the allure, they’ve meticulously crafted the elegantly voluminous earrings that harmonize with her signature hairstyle.

Included for your selection are two distinct earring styles: one tailored to perfectly complement this hairstyle, and another that gracefully adorns the anticipated earring location.

3. Sims 4 Look Princess Jasmine

Look Princess Jasmine / Sims 4 CC

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For those with an inclination towards the Alpha CC aesthetic rather than Maxis Match, fortune smiles upon you.

A meticulously crafted interpretation of Jasmine’s iconic aqua ensemble awaits, accompanied by an array of accessories adorning our cherished princess, ranging from her bracelet to her makeup. It’s a comprehensive package, offering all you desire in a single, convenient download.

4. Jasmine Outfits Pack

Jasmine Outfits Pack / Sims 4 CC

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Segueing into the realm of all-inclusive offerings, this stands as the ultimate trove of Jasmine ensembles.

Once more, Stardust Sims 4 triumphs with an exhibition of stunning outfits inspired by the film.

Present within this collection is her resplendent wedding gown, an alternative rendition of the Jafar captive attire, Jasmine’s engagement ensemble, a creative interpretation of her villager disguise, and naturally, the attire that resides in all our hearts.

5. Princess Jasmine Sim

Princess Jasmine / Sims 4 CC

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For those who prefer skipping the process of crafting sims from the ground up, this pre-arranged Jasmine is a flawless choice, adorned with accessories and makeup that elevate the allure.

Accompanying this, a curated CC list offers downloads for an array of skins, hair, jewelry, and makeup. Whether you opt to cherry-pick or utilize this as a design roadmap, the choice is yours to craft your very own princess.

6. BG Door: Jasmine

BG Door: Jasmine / Sims 4 CC

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The sentiment Jasmine’s father holds for her remains unwavering, even when ensnared by an evil sorcerer’s enchantment.

Considering this, adorning her palace with stained glass depictions of Jasmine seems only fitting, doesn’t it?

These distinctive stained glass doors featuring Jasmine’s likeness are exceptionally crafted, with a captivating inclusion of the genie lamp. It’s a seamless homage to the movie, lending a perfect touch of its essence to your sim universe.

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7. Princess Jasmine – Aladdin (TS4)

Princess Jasmine - Aladdin / Sims 4 CC

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A remarkable fusion of the original animated classic and the reimagined live-action costume designs flawlessly encapsulates the movie’s cultural essence and the timeless allure of the original Disney princess. I’m genuinely amazed.

If this doesn’t align with your vision of Princess Jasmine, it presents a fantastic option for your townsfolk, ensuring an immersive narrative experience.

I’m absolutely captivated by these ensembles, and the array of color choices – teal, aqua, yellow, and magenta – adds to their appeal. Notably, each outfit comes complete with its own crown, adding that extra touch of regal elegance.

8. Arabian Village & Palace (Lot)

Arabian Village & Palace / Sims 4 Lot

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Gaze upon the idyllic village destined to serve as the backdrop for your serendipitous encounter with your one true love – no street rats involved, I promise.

Within this vibrant enclave, you’ll find a grand palace, cascading hanging gardens, a charming rug emporium, an enticing candy haven, a petite outdoor market, and even a quaint fruit stall (perfect for emulating Jasmine’s kind-hearted apple gesture to a less fortunate child). Alongside these, two cozy residences complete the picturesque scene.

Every element necessary to recreate the enchanting moment of Princess Jasmine and our cherished Aladdin’s destined meeting is thoughtfully incorporated into this wondrous village.

9. Whole New World Set

Whole New World Set / Sims 4 CC

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For those who share my inclination, sculpting your town to mirror the chosen era or narrative you’re presently immersed in holds great appeal. Should that resonate with you, these selections stand as excellent choices for your town’s denizens, whether seeking a contemporary twist or a more modest rendition of Jasmine’s iconic ensemble.

In either direction, this recreation of the 2019 movie outfit extends across three distinct color variants, with the top and bottoms offered as separate components.

10. Magic Carpet Floater

Magic Carpet Floater / Sims 4 CC

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Rest assured, I haven’t overlooked the most spirited Disney character who embraces sass without uttering a single word.

How could I, especially when he contributes some of the movie’s finest moments? Gather your street-smart companion and journey to Sulani, where you can enjoy a delightful aquatic escapade alongside your enchanting magical friend.

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This buoyant creation arrives in two captivating and intricate designs, though regrettably, the sassy attitude isn’t included – at least, not for now.

11. Arabic Beauty House by Praline Sims (Lot)

Arabic Beauty House / Sims 4 Lot

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This picturesque abode stands as an exquisite sanctuary where Jasmine and Rajah can recline beside a tranquil reflection pool, engaging in heartfelt conversations or, perhaps, a scene where an assumed ‘prince’ sweeps Jasmine off her feet, while Rajah conveys his dissatisfaction through discontented huffs.

Every room boasts meticulous embellishment, extending from the interior spaces to the charming courtyard and even the porch railings.

In all honesty, I’m rendered speechless. The creator’s artistry has kindled in me a yearning for their touch in my own dwelling, particularly to replicate the lush verdure and the beguiling glimmer of fairy lights that grace this remarkable creation.

12. Priya: Separated Headdress from City Living by Valhallan

Priya: Separated Headdress from City Living / Sims 4 CC

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Certain inclusions within The Sims 4 expansion packs can indeed leave one slightly perturbed – take, for instance, the perplexing attachment of this headpiece to a specific hairstyle. A conundrum worthy of pondering, EA.

In its azure manifestation, this headpiece presents an exquisitely refined rendition of Jasmine’s iconic headband, harmoniously complementing the prominent, ornate gold earrings she adorns with such aplomb.

Jasmine’s innate mastery of accessorizing serves as a compelling reminder – your sim too can partake in the art of meticulous adornment.

13. Jasmine Formal Dress

Jasmine Formal Dress / Sims 4 CC

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Alright, consider me smitten – I’m utterly enamored with this ethereal blend of icy blue and opulent gold embellishments.

Jasmine’s sense of style is nothing short of enduring chic.

Infuse regal flair into your sim’s persona with this utterly mesmerizing dress inspired by Jasmine herself. Although, a word of caution: any attempt to discreetly slip into the market may prove futile, as your sim is bound to capture attention left and right.


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