Sims 4 Shoes Clutter CC For Sneakerheads (Male + Female)


While I may not personally know any sneakerheads, their passion and dedication to the world of branded sneakers are well-known. Just like people collect expensive wristwatches or chase after the latest gadgets, there are those who immerse themselves in the history, timeline, and lore of these iconic shoes.

I wholeheartedly respect their dedication, and I’m certain your Sims would too.

For those moments when you feel inclined to add some flair and expand your Sims’ impressive shoe collection, here are a variety of decorative shoes to bring a touch of style and clutter to their virtual lives. Let their footwear obsession soar!

1. Gatorade Shoe Set Conversion by yourdorkbrains

Gatorade Shoe Set Conversion by yourdorkbrains Sims 4 CC

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As an individual venturing into unfamiliar territory, I cannot personally vouch for the accuracy of this Sims rendition of Nike’s Gatorade Air Jordans. While a quick Google image search suggests a striking resemblance, I am cautious not to risk any potential backlash.

However, what I can confidently share is that having both the shoes themselves and the accompanying shoebox as décor creates an incredibly stylish and authentic in-game walk-in closet. The combination exudes a cool factor that is undeniably legitimate.

2. Shoes and Bags Clutter by PQSIM4

Shoes and Bags Clutter by PQSIM4 for Sims 4

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Behold, an authentic depiction of a mom-and-daughter shoe rack filled with their everyday footwear.

While we must avoid stereotyping, it’s evident that the majority of the shoe and bag styles cater to traditional female fashion preferences.

Now, if I were to pick my personal favorites from this delightful collection, it would have to be the eye-catching brightly-patterned rain boots and the irresistibly cozy fuzzy bunny slippers. They add a touch of whimsy and personality to any ensemble.

3. Décor Shoes by ddaengsims

Décor Shoes by ddaengsims TS4 CC

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Calling all Sims with a penchant for chunky sneakers and bold footwear choices! Look no further than these remarkable décor items by ddaengsims, designed to showcase your unique and diverse tastes.

Featuring an array of suede buckle boots and three distinct branded sneakers, this collection may not come at an affordable price, but it undoubtedly delivers on the fashion front. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your Sims’ style with these fashionable statement pieces.

4. SG5150 Vans Shoe Décor by clothinghatsacc/akamaru

SG5150 Vans Shoe Décor by clothinghatsacc/akamaru Sims 4 CC

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Why not enhance your Sim’s ever-growing shoe collection with some cozy Vans shoes? Trust me, I can personally vouch for their comfort, as I own a pair or two in real life.

One of the things I adore about this CC item is the wide range of color options available. When these stylish shoes are stacked together, the variety creates an even more aesthetically pleasing display.

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Please note that the download link in the post may redirect you to a file hosting page in need of repair, as I experienced the same issue. However, fear not! I have a repaired Mediafire link just for you: [Mediafire link](

5. Girls Studio (Sneakers *Décor*) by SIMcredible!

Girls Studio (Sneakers *Décor*) by SIMcredible! for Sims 4

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While these sneakers may not bear a specific brand or the Sims equivalent of one, their appeal lies in their comfort and reliability.

Their design suggests effortless wearability and easy removal, making them the perfect complement to most casual, everyday outfits. Undoubtedly, these sneakers are a must-have addition to any Sims wardrobe.

6. Grimcookies x Gucci: Off the Grid by grimcookies

Grimcookies x Gucci: Off the Grid by grimcookies TS4 CC

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Through a remarkable collaboration between grimcookies and the renowned brand Gucci in the real world, Simmers are treated to the incredible Off the Grid collection as part of the esteemed EA Game Changers program.

This extraordinary collection features four remarkable CAS items and an astonishing eleven décor items, including two variations of decorative Gucci sneakers. The entire set is undeniably impressive, showcasing the perfect fusion of style and creativity for Sims fashion enthusiasts.

7. Glory Shoes and Box *Décor* by SIMcredible!

Glory Shoes and Box *Décor* by SIMcredible! Sims 4 CC

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Indeed, I must admit that these items deviate from the realm of sneakers. They are a whole different category altogether.

However, in order to offer a diverse selection and cater to those who may not be sneaker enthusiasts, I felt it essential to include some slippers, heels, and sandals.

Besides, it’s worth noting that SIMcredible! consistently delivers high-quality content, and these elegant heeled pumps (complete with a box!) are no exception. They serve as the perfect choice when your fashion-forward Sim desires to make a stylish statement.

8. Sole Mates Shoe Clutter by Ravasheen

Sole Mates Shoe Clutter by Ravasheen for Sims 4

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Let’s put puns aside for a moment and consider the sheer joy of expanding your Sim’s shoe collection with a whopping 23 pairs of shoes.

Introduce a touch of variety by incorporating peep toe heels and slip-ons alongside the classic lace-ups and loafers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of styles available.

Perhaps a sturdy pair of Wellies can now stand proudly alongside the work boots and winter boots, creating a well-rounded footwear selection that caters to various occasions. It’s truly fascinating to discover the abundance of shoe styles awaiting your Sims’ fashion adventures.

9. Dexter Sneakers (Messy) by SIMcredible!

Dexter Sneakers (Messy) by SIMcredible! TS4 CC

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On those days when adulting becomes overwhelmingly exhausting, and even the thought of wearing shoes, no matter how comfy they may be, feels constricting and suffocating…

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That’s when everyone kicks off their shoes, carelessly flinging them about without a care in the world. Among them, you’ll find these “neat” version of shoes, perfectly lined up in an organized fashion. But let’s be honest, it’s the “messy” variation that truly adds character and charm to the mix!

10. Simple Hallway Shoes (Deco Only!) by BuffSumm

Simple Hallway Shoes (Deco Only!) by BuffSumm Sims 4 CC

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How about treating your Sim to a sophisticated pair of dress shoes, perfect for those occasions when their beloved Chuck Taylor All Star Classics or Air Jordan 3s might be a touch too casual or flashy?

Let’s face it, dress codes do exist, and there are moments when sneakers simply won’t cut it. It’s essential to give the thick leathers, vibrant colors, and prominent brand logos a break every now and then.

Moreover, these shoes truly shine when gracefully tucked away in a foyer corner, adding a touch of elegance to the space. Trust me, I highly recommend this stylish addition to your Sim’s footwear collection.

11. Simple Hallway Pumps (Deco Only!) by BuffSumm

Simple Hallway Pumps (Deco Only!) by BuffSumm for Sims 4

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Not a fan of dress shoes? No worries.

BuffSumm offers a collection of practical and stylish pumps that your Sim can proudly leave behind in the foyer or hallway upon arriving home.

When you place these pumps side by side, you have the perfect opportunity to infuse your build with a touch of personal flair and character.

12. [Zoe] Sneakers Décor by Severinka_

[Zoe] Sneakers Décor by Severinka_ TS4 CC

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It’s a fact of life: a teenager’s bedroom is often characterized by delightful clutter.

With an open school bag, piles of loose leaf papers, and the occasional unfinished school project, it’s no wonder that these items dominate around 80% of the room’s decor.

Therefore, a pair of slightly misaligned worn sneakers? They fit right in, effortlessly blending with the youthful charm and casual ambiance of the space.

13. Van Shoes Deco by leosims

Van Shoes Deco by leosims Sims 4 CC

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If your Sims prefer a more pristine and organized shoe rack or closet, these meticulously aligned decorative Van Shoes are the perfect addition. Their placement is so precise that not even a centimeter of difference can be detected!

However, I must caution you about a heavy adfly warning for this particular item. In case you encounter difficulties accessing the Simfileshare link, you can try downloading it through this alternative link.

14. Sympxls Deco Shoes Pt 2 + Pt 1 Redux by Sympxls

Sympxls Deco Shoes Pt 2 + Pt 1 Redux by Sympxls for Sims 4

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This collection of shoes on the shelf suggests either a whole family with a passion for footwear or a solo Sim who may have a slightly concerning addiction to shoes.

I use the term “concerning” because this set consists of two parts: one with five shoes and another with four, offering a total of nine distinct styles.

There comes a point where the accumulation of chunky boots, ankle boots, mood boots, and clogs reaches a level that might raise some eyebrows. One Sim can only own so many before it ventures into the realm of obsession.

Now, let’s shift our focus to boots…

15. Gabrielle – Low Boots by Syboubou

Gabrielle – Low Boots by Syboubou TS4 CC

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We have transitioned from sneakers to the realm of boots.

While not typically the domain of sneakerheads, these heeled ankle boots exude undeniable fashion-forwardness. Your Sim should embrace the opportunity to showcase them in a prominent spot.

These boots are available in five timeless and versatile neutral shades.

16. Boots (Decorative) by imadako

Boots (Decorative) by imadako Sims 4 CC

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Let’s explore the world of decorative boots, because why not?

While collecting branded boots may not be as popular as collecting sneakers, they are equally captivating to behold when arranged neatly in an array of vibrant colors or even slightly askew. Whether displayed on a shelf, box, or table, they add a touch of visual appeal to any space.

The creator has ingeniously crafted an original mesh inspired by the boots featured in The Sims 4: Get to Work. As a result, this CC item is fully compatible with the base game, eliminating the need for a separate mesh file download.

17. Calligaris Sandals by SIMcredible!

Calligaris Sandals by SIMcredible! for Sims 4

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Why not add a touch of luxury and elegance to your beautifully designed room with these exquisite high heels?

Created by SIMcredible!, these decorative shoes are available in stunning ruby red, timeless gold, sophisticated silver, and rich black.

Each color is carefully chosen to seamlessly complement any color scheme or build palette, ensuring they effortlessly enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.

18. Shoe Box Clutter by Simmin My Best Life

Shoe Box Clutter by Simmin My Best Life TS4 CC

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Lastly, we have a stylish collection of shoe boxes, neatly stacked and ready to showcase the hidden treasures within.

While they may not contain actual shoes, their presence hints at the fashionable footwear owned by your Sim, adding a touch of authenticity to the build.

This is a prime example of how even the simplest custom content items can breathe life into a space, giving it a lived-in and personalized feel.


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