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Indulging in some retail therapy is undoubtedly a source of relaxation for many, even for our beloved Sims. So, let’s give our virtual friends a chance to enjoy a little bit of luxury. To showcase their shopping sprees, I have compiled a list of exceptional poses that will capture their spirit.

Before diving into the list, let me introduce you to a shopping bag accessory recolor created by KM, which will come in handy as we progress. Most of the poses utilize ebonix’s shopping bag accessory, which may cause a disturbance in your Sim’s skin texture, particularly if you are using a skin replacement mod. So, in case you encounter any issues with the original file, KM’s recolor may serve as a viable alternative.

1. Family Shopping (Pose Pack) by Beto_ae0

Family Shopping Pose Pack for The Sims 4

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Looking for a charming and family-oriented pose pack to add to your game? Look no further than “Family Shopping” by Beto_ae0! With the holiday season approaching (as it always seems to be), why not let your Sims partake in some retail therapy?

This pack captures the wholesome essence of a family outing, complete with a few shopping bags and packages thrown in. You’ll find four poses in total, including one for the entire family (comprised of two Adults/Young Adults and a Toddler), individual poses for the Toddler with each Adult/Young Adult, and a sweet couple pose for the grown-ups.

As for the Toddler mysteriously vanishing in the final pose? Who knows, but I’m sure mall security is hot on the case!

2. Shopping Time by simmerberlin

Shopping Time by simmerberlin / TS4 Poses

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Looking for a low-key but charming pose pack that captures the essence of a typical grocery shopping trip? Look no further than “Shopping Time” by simmerberlin. This set has quickly become a personal favorite of mine, thanks to its casual simplicity.

There’s no need for wild expressions or elaborate accessories and sets; all you need is a shopping cart, a paper grocery bag, and up to seven teleporters. The six group poses in this pack offer a healthy mix of Adults/Young Adults, Toddlers, and Children, with the first pose being the most extensive, featuring three Adults/Young Adults, two Children, and two Toddlers.

The remaining poses are bite-sized variations of the original group, perfect for capturing chill errand-day screenshots. And let’s not forget the adorable final pose, featuring two kids, two tots, and an unsupervised shopping cart.

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I particularly appreciate how the creator has assigned captions to each pose in-game, such as “tol adult,” “smol adult,” and “adult holding coffee,” making it easy to assign poses quickly.

3. Grocery Day – A Pose Pack by cowplant-pizza

Grocery Day Pack / Sims 4 CC

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Looking to add a touch of realism to your Sims 4 game with some grocery shopping poses? Look no further than “Grocery Day” by cowplant-pizza! This pack features six poses that capture the laid-back essence of a trip to the grocery store.

Divided into two individual poses (for Adults/Young Adults), three couple poses, and one group pose (for three Adults/Young Adults only), these poses are sure to add a touch of authenticity to your Sims’ errand runs. Plus, the creator has included a download link to NeutralSupply’s Grocery Bag Accessory, which is necessary for most of the poses to make sense.

The only downside? These poses are making me question why I’m never that happy when running errands, and why my friends never come along for the ride!

4. Retail Therapy Poses by trendingsims

Retail Therapy Poses / TS4 CC

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If you’re looking for poses to capture your Sims’ love of retail therapy, look no further than the “Retail Therapy Poses” pack by trendingsims! This pack features two group poses meant for five Adult/Young Adult Sims, and both are of high quality without any awkward limbs, weird expressions, or glitches.

However, to make these poses work, shopping bag accessories are needed. Matching the accessories to the preview photos is crucial to avoid Sims looking like they’re throwing bags in the air, but it’s well worth the effort to capture those cute girls-day-out shopping trip photos you’ve been dreaming of. Just be aware that the in-game pose list doesn’t have labels, so some matchmaking may be required.

5. Always Shopping Pose Pack by trendingsims

Always Shopping Pose Pack for The Sims 4

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Assessing this pose pack is quite the task, but fear not! I’ve got you covered. While the poses themselves are fairly simple, the accessories required for each pose are a bit overwhelming. The creator provides links to all necessary items in the description, but it does take some effort to ensure your shots match the preview photos. Despite this, the pack is enjoyable to use and perfect for those looking to add some shopping flair to their Sims’ lives. If you have the time and desire to do so, I definitely recommend giving it a download!

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6. On the Phone Poses (Running Errands Edition) by MoonShinerSims

On the Phone Errands Poses for Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Pose Pack Review: “On the Phone Poses (Running Errands Edition)” by MoonShinerSims

Let me start by saying that this pose pack is simply adorable.

The concept is refreshingly simple yet brilliantly unique, which is what first drew my attention to it.

It depicts scenes that are so mundane and relatable, like being too engrossed in your phone while running errands, which is something most of us are guilty of.

The model in the preview pictures has a serene, content smile that adds to the overall cozy and familiar feeling of the pack.

I can’t recommend this pack enough; it’s a must-have for any Simmer who enjoys portraying their Sims in relatable everyday scenarios.

One thing to note is that the phone accessory linked by the creator doesn’t seem to work. However, you can always try using the phone by redheadsims instead.

7. Retail Therapy by ebonix

Retail Therapy Poses / Sims 4 CC

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The Retail Therapy pose pack by ebonix is a no-nonsense set of shopping poses that I thoroughly enjoyed using.

No frills or extras needed here, just some shopping bags and a stylish Sim. The pack includes a variety of solo, couple, and group poses for three Sims, making it easy to capture any shopping scenario.

Each pose is perfectly executed, giving the impression of Sims having a blast shopping around town with friends. Sorting through the poses is also a breeze, as the in-game pose list includes helpful thumbnails.

Overall, this is a must-have for any Simmer looking to capture the joy of a fun shopping spree in their game.

8. Shopping With a Friend Posepack by Ana Zanacolle

Shopping With a Friend Posepack for The Sims 4

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If you’re looking for a simple and cute shopping pose pack, then Ana Zanacolle’s “Shopping With a Friend” is a great option. The pack includes two poses that feature two Sims with shopping bags and happy expressions.

Setting up the poses is easy – just use two teleporters and position your Sims accordingly. However, make sure to pay close attention to the placement of the shopping bags and Frappuccino accessory in the preview photos to avoid any awkwardness or glitches.

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Overall, this is a straightforward and fun pose pack that is easy to use and perfect for capturing those shopping moments with your Sims.

9. Christmas Shopping (Pose Pack) by Beto_ae0

Christmas Shopping Pose Pack / Sims 4 CC

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Christmas is one of the best times of the year, and this pose pack by Beto_ae0 encapsulates the true essence of the festive season. These cutesy and heartwarming poses show two Sims getting some Christmas shopping done – and being as couple-y as possible in the process. The creator has done an amazing job of keeping it simple with only the standard shopping bags and a sneaky little gift box accessory needed for the last pose. Four pose sets for two Adults/Young Adults, and both are very clearly labeled. Moreover, what I really loved about this pack is that the poses are actually pretty unisex, meaning you can easily have two Male models or two Female models in these poses without them looking awkward. I would definitely recommend this pose pack to add to your holiday pose collection!

10. Let’s Shop! by simmerberlin

Let’s Shop! Poses for The Sims 4

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If you’re in the market for some versatile shopping poses, simmerberlin’s “Let’s Shop!” pose pack might just be what you’re looking for.

The six couple poses in this pack are particularly noteworthy for their unisex appeal, allowing for any combination of two Sims to easily pull off the poses without looking awkward.

I tested it with a Male-Female combination, and it worked like a charm. The two Sims looked like they were just hanging out, having fun, and spending some money in the process.

The solo poses, on the other hand, seem to be more suited for female models. There are three in total, and all you need to complete the scenes are a coffee cup accessory and a shopping bag, both of which are conveniently linked in the creator’s description.

Overall, I was really impressed with how these poses photographed. If you’re interested in adding some shopping-themed poses to your collection, give this one a try!

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