Best Siblings Pose Packs For The Sims 4 (All Free)


Siblings. Love them, hate them, tolerate them, can’t stand them… but you know what? They’re family, and your Sims are pretty much stuck with them.

Of course, just because you can’t choose your family doesn’t mean you can’t choose how to pose them. Whether you’re trying to capture the perfect family moment or just want some pretty pictures, there are plenty of awesome pose packs out there for your Sims’ siblings.

So, without further ado, here’s a rundown of some of the best TS4 pose packs for siblings. Whether your Sims love each other or can barely stand to be in the same room, there’s sure to be something here that’ll suit your needs.

1. Goofy Siblings Poses by lavanders4

Goofy Siblings / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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lavanders4’s Goofy Siblings Poses pack is a must-see for those who love silly sibling dynamics. It’s refreshing to see siblings who are not afraid to look ridiculous around each other, whether in public or private. This pose pack beautifully captures the wholesome and freeing dynamic of goofy siblings.

With a total of nine poses, the set includes poses for two and three Sims. Eight of the poses require a Teen or Young Adult, eight require a Child, and six require a Toddler. While there are no custom thumbnails, the pose list provides clear descriptions of each pose number and the corresponding required model (teen, child, or toddler).

If you’re a Sim enthusiast like myself, these poses will undoubtedly evoke fondness and bring joy to your game. Don’t miss out on this fun and heartwarming pose pack!

2. Sibling Poses #2 by ratboysims

Sibling Poses #2 / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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ratboysims’s Sibling Poses #2 pack evokes a warm and protective feeling that’s hard to describe. As someone who adores older siblings who are fiercely protective of their younger siblings, this pose pack hits all the right notes for me.

One of the things I appreciate about ratboysims’s work is the high-quality of their poses, and this pack is no exception. The poses are easy to figure out, and the corresponding Sim model is highlighted in the thumbnail of the pose list, making setup a breeze.

Another thing that makes this pack stand out is its unisex poses. The poses work well for both male and female Sims, adding an extra layer of versatility to this already amazing pack.

What’s more, you don’t need any accessories or furniture to make these poses work. Simply place four teleporter statues on top of each other, and you’re ready to go.

Overall, if you’re a fan of protective older siblings, this pose pack is an absolute must-have for your game.

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3. Sibling Poses #3 by ratboysims

Sibling Poses #3 / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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If you loved ratboysims’s Sibling Poses #2, you’ll definitely want to check out their follow-up pack, Sibling Poses #3. This set features poses for a Teen and a Child, though I must say that I tried using them with a Young Adult and the poses still worked great.

Like the previous pack, the poses are unisex, but they are especially suited for Male Sims models. The poses in this set have a distinctive “crazy brother” vibe, with the older brother playfully roughhousing with the younger one, knowing full well that the little one can take it.

The poses in this set capture the essence of a real and relatable sibling relationship, making it impossible not to fall in love with them. Overall, if you’re looking for realistic, playful sibling poses for your game, this pack is a must-have.

4. Sibling Love Posepack by shysimblr

Sibling Love / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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If you’re into cute and wholesome poses for siblings, then you definitely need to check out shysimblr’s Sibling Love Posepack.

The set features six poses that capture the essence of siblings hanging out and enjoying each other’s company, with some of the poses appearing more posed while others look like they were caught in the moment. This mix of both posed and candid shots makes the set all the more relatable and realistic.

While the creator intended for most of the poses to take place by the pool, they’ll look just as cute in any setting, with or without sunglasses. Overall, if you want to add some heartwarming poses to your Sims’ family album, this pack is a great choice.

5. Happy Birthday! Posepack by midageresims

Happy Birthday! / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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The Happy Birthday! Posepack by midageresims has a particular family in mind, but the poses can still be used for any set of Sims siblings. The poses feature a group of Young Adults celebrating a special occasion and getting a little sentimental.

The first pose is a piggyback ride, which gives off a feel-good family movie vibe. Although the in-game pose list may be a bit confusing since the descriptions and thumbnails are not very clear, there are only two poses in this set: one for a group of four and one for two Sims.

The group pose requires two Female and two Male models, and while it’s not clear how unisex it can be, some roles appear interchangeable. Overall, the Happy Birthday! Posepack is a sweet and heartwarming addition to any Sims family album.


6. Siblings Pose Pack by katverse

Siblings / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Behold, the pose pack by the legendary katverse! It’s no secret that their preview photos always look phenomenal, and this pack is no exception.

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Not only are the poses aesthetically pleasing, but they also portray a heartwarming dynamic between a Child and a Toddler. It’s the kind of sibling love that warms your heart and brings a smile to your face.

In typical katverse fashion, the poses are executed flawlessly, and the attention to detail is unparalleled. The fifth pose, in particular, is so enchanting that it feels like a scene straight out of a fairytale.

If you’re looking for a unique and heartfelt pose pack, then look no further than katverse’s Siblings Pose Pack. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

7. Sibling Pose Pack/T-Shirt For Adult/Child by aithsims

Sibling T-Shirt For Adult/Child / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Take a Look at This Sibling Pose Pack

I have to say, this is one of the most creative concepts I’ve seen in a while. The theme revolves around siblings and showcases the evolution of their relationship over time.

And I have to give credit where credit is due, the creator executed it beautifully!

The pack comes with four sets of poses: two for Adults/Young Adults and two for Children, with a corresponding set for each age group.

It might sound a bit confusing, but the preview photos do a great job of explaining it visually.

What I love most about this pack is how versatile it is. You can use the poses for any sibling pair and really capture the essence of their bond.

The custom T-shirts included in the pack add a nice touch and help bring the whole thing together.

There’s a bit of a height difference between the poses, but it’s not too noticeable, and the poses themselves are unisex, so you can mix and match however you like.

I even tried it myself with different models, and the poses came out great! Overall, a fantastic pack that’s definitely worth checking out.

8. Sibling Love: A Revamped Pose Pack by ohsosims

Sibling Love: Revamped / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Sibling Love: A Revamped Pose Pack by ohsosims

Check Out This Pose Pack

I stumbled upon this gem of a pose pack by ohsosims and I have to say, it’s a real standout.

What sets it apart from other pose packs is the inclusion of a baby in the first two poses. Usually, pose creators work with toddlers and children, but this creator decided to add a unique touch by incorporating a baby into the mix.

To achieve this, they use redheadsims-cc’s Body Height Sliders (linked in the creator’s description) to create a shorter toddler that could pass as a baby. Without the mod, the first two poses won’t work as intended.

The poses that come after the first two can work with EA’s standard height per age group. The creator does specify the height difference between the models in the pose list descriptions, but I’ve found that the poses (other than the first two) work just fine even if all models are the same height.

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One of the things I appreciate about this pack is the variety of age differences and groupings. There are poses for two children, two toddlers, one toddler with two children, and so on.

This gives you a lot of options to choose from, which is great if you want to create a specific family dynamic.

9. My Dolly Twin Poses by atashi77

My Dolly Twin / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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My Dolly Twin Poses by atashi77

My Dolly Twin / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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As much as dolls give me the actual creeps, I will begrudgingly admit that they make for very cute poses.

See atashi77’s pack as evidence. The Toddlers are especially endearing, since the dolls are almost as big as they are.

Imagine them waddling around with a plush doll they can barely carry…

I also love the variety in the pose sets for the Toddlers.

There are six of them in total, and they all have such a precious, adorable vibe to them. Especially the one where the Toddlers are squishing the doll in the middle of their hug. Again, cute.

The dolls used are by @hbcu-black-girl and they’re linked in the description. I will say, however, that the dolls didn’t work for my Children Sims.

They sort of floated in my models’ arms rather than fitting snugly.

It may be because I’ve got a lot of mods installed (conflicting mods are always a treat to sort out, right?).

Regardless, the doll worked fine for the Toddlers and I got six absolutely delightful shots out of it, so. I’m definitely not complaining.

10. Bromance Poses by atashi77

Bromance / Sims 4 Pose Pack

Check Out This Pose Pack

While not necessarily marketed as a sibling pose pack, the Bros For Life set by atashi77 is perfect for depicting the bond between brothers. The poses are relaxed and casual, conveying a sense of familiarity and comfort between the Sims.

The poses are unisex and could work for Sims of any gender, but the creator’s description emphasizes the “bro” vibe, making it a great choice for depicting brotherly love.

I particularly like the pose where one Sim is leaning against the other, as it conveys a sense of support and protection. The poses are also great for depicting Sims simply hanging out or having a good time together.

Overall, the Bros For Life Pose Pack is a great choice for Sims looking to capture the bond between brothers in their game.

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