Sims 4 Snowy Winter Pose Packs (All Free)


Although the weather outside may be quite chilly, that’s never stopped avid Sims players before. If you happen to have The Sims 4: Seasons or The Sims 4: Snowy Escape expansion packs, you’re well aware of how breathtaking the in-game snowscapes can be.

Why not take advantage of this and snap some cool (no pun intended) photos of your Sim enjoying the frosty, winter air? Here are a few fantastic winter and snow-themed poses to consider for your Sims. Don’t miss out!

1. Snowboard Poses by HoneysSims4

Snowboard Poses Set / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Poses: 12 solo poses

Introducing the latest pose pack by HoneysSims4: Snowboard Poses. This set includes 12 solo poses that capture the story of a Sim’s snowboarding journey – from doing great at first to taking a tumble and laughing it off.

The poses are designed to be casual and lighthearted, with a mix of action shots and storytelling poses that are perfect for capturing those cool moments on the slopes.

I’ve tried a few pose sets from HoneysSims4 before and have been impressed with their content, and this set is no exception.

While the expressions and gestures may be a bit exaggerated, it actually works in their favor and adds to the style of the poses.

Plus, they’re compatible with both default EA elements and custom replacements, so you can be sure they’ll look great in-game no matter what. Check out Snowboard Poses by HoneysSims4 today!

2. Let’s Go Skiing Posepack by evielantsov (lantsovsims)

Let’s Go Skiing Poses / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Poses: 2 solo poses + 2 couple poses

Looking for some cool skiing poses for your Sims? Check out the Let’s Go Skiing Posepack by evielantsov (lantsovsims).

This pack includes two solo poses and two couple poses, all of which require a ski accessory (which is included in the download).

Unlike some other pose packs, Let’s Go Skiing doesn’t have a specific storyline or expressive poses. Instead, it’s all about making your Sims look cool and athletic while posing with their ski gear.

But who says custom poses need to have a narrative, right?

The ski accessories themselves are well-made and free of any glitches or clipping during the poses. They look great in-game, too – just check out the preview photos for reference.

What’s more, all of the poses are unisex, with no overtly feminine or masculine gestures. However, be sure to have your Sim wear sunglasses or shades for the third pose, or they may look a little manic. Give Let’s Go Skiing Posepack a try and capture some epic skiing moments in your game!

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3. Sled + Poses (New Mesh) by simtographies

Sled & Winter Poses / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Poses: 1 couple pose

Looking for a cozy and romantic pose for your Sims to enjoy during a snowy day? Check out Sled + Poses (New Mesh) by simtographies.

While technically not a “pack” per se, this download includes a beautiful new sled mesh that will be used in a variety of other pose packs. And of course, there’s also one adorable couple pose that captures the warmth and coziness of snuggling up on a sled together.

The expressions on the Sims’ faces are particularly soft and sweet, making this pose perfect for capturing a romantic moment in your game.

Plus, the attention to detail is on point – the sled’s rope fits perfectly into the front Sim’s hand, adding a touch of realism to the scene.

So if you’re looking for a simple yet heartwarming pose for your Sims, be sure to check out Sled + Poses (New Mesh) by simtographies.

4. Snowing Fun Poses Sets Battle + Random by starlord-sims & Flowerchamber

Snowing Fun Poses Set / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Poses: 7 solo poses + 3 group poses (max 4 Sims)

Winter is made even more fun with this collaboration between starlord-sims and Flowerchamber. The Snowing Fun Poses Sets Battle + Random pack features seven solo poses and three group poses for up to four Sims. Flowerchamber created the poses while starlord-sims designed the snowball accessory, which is included in the download link.

The group poses depict a lively snowball fight between four Sims, with six poses for defense and six for attack. Each pose has a custom thumbnail, making it easy to follow the action. Unlike other group poses, you have complete freedom over the distance and angle of each Sim, and the teleporter statues don’t need to overlap.

The solo poses showcase Sims having fun in the snow. From catching snowflakes to dancing through drifts to making a snow angel, these whimsical poses are sure to put a smile on your face. While all the poses are unisex, some may work better for specific frames, such as solo poses for a female model or defense poses for a male model.

5. Ski Trip Poses by Wasabi Sims

Ski Trip Poses / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Poses: 4 solo poses + 2 couple poses

Looking for some winter-themed poses for your Sims 4 game? Check out the Ski Trip Poses by Wasabi Sims! This pose pack features 4 solo poses and 2 couple poses that require the skiing accessories from the Let’s Go Skiing pose pack by lantsovsims.

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These poses are perfect for creating stunning snapshots of your Sims enjoying the snow-covered mountains. Keep in mind that these poses are very much “pose-for-pictures” and your Sims will be very aware of the camera.

Switching out the accessories for each pose can be a bit time-consuming, but don’t worry, it’s not too tedious. One workaround is creating multiple copies of the same Cold Weather outfit and changing the accessories to match the pose. Trust me, it works like a charm when testing out multiple poses.

Overall, if you’re looking for winter-themed poses that will make your Sims look like they’re having a blast on the ski slopes, Ski Trip Poses by Wasabi Sims is definitely worth checking out!

6. Couquett’s Snow Love by couquett

Couquetts Snow Love Poses / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Poses: 3 couple poses

Couquett’s Snow Love by couquett

Take a look at this pack if you’re a fan of romantic and cozy poses.

It’s a three-pose pack that features a couple enjoying the winter snowfall. The first two poses are the highlight of this pack, with one Sim gazing up at the sky in amazement while the other snuggles up close.

It’s a charming and unique take on a snow pose, with no other season or weather being able to emulate this pose’s effect.

The poses are easy to set up with clear labeling for the Male and Female models in-game. While there’s no inherent height difference between the models, it’s not necessary as the pack still provides an intimate and warm atmosphere.

7. First Snow Posepack by mel bennett

First Snow Poses / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Poses: 2 solo poses + 1 group pose (max 3 Sims)

First Snow Posepack by Mel Bennett

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Included Poses: 2 solo poses + 1 group pose (up to 3 Sims)

Do you recall the sled mesh from Simtographies’ Sled + Poses pack?

Well, you’ll need it here for this next set.

This pose pack is pretty straightforward, with three poses that capture the essence of enjoying the first snowfall.

The group pose is my favorite – it’s heartwarming to see a family sled through the snow together, and it’s suitable for any gender combination.

The other poses evoke a relaxed and casual vibe, as if someone is savoring the cold and the snowflakes.

For the first pose, you’ll need a coffee cup to make it look realistic, but the clothing items, like the oversized scarf and earmuffs, are optional.

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8. Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Poses by Wasabi Sims

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Poses / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Poses: 4 couple poses

Out of all the winter pose packs, this one is undoubtedly my favorite. The name alone, “Cold Hands, Warm Hearts,” is creative and endearing, but it’s not the only reason why this pack stands out.

What sets it apart is the variety of poses that are suitable for any gender or sexual orientation. Each pose is also incredibly unique, capturing a moment in time rather than just a snapshot for a picture.

It’s a perfect way to tell a story and create a beautiful moment between two Sims. The couple kissing on the sled is just adorable and it’s one of my favorite poses in the pack.

9. Cold Outside Pose Pack by Guell

Cold Outside Poses / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Poses: 8 couple poses

Check out this amazing pose pack by Guell called “Cold Outside” that includes eight couple poses for your Sims to enjoy. The poses showcase the sweet, romantic moments between two lovers during the winter season. While similar to couquett’s Snow Love, these poses have more cuddling and intimacy. The facial expressions and gestures are executed beautifully, and it’s recommended to use close-up shots to capture them. Winter clothing such as big, floofy winterwear is highly recommended to make the poses look even cuter. Don’t miss out on this amazing pack that truly captures the love and tenderness between two Sims.

10. Winter Love (Pose Pack) by Beto_ae0

Winter Love Poses / Sims 4 Pose Pack

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Poses: 6 couple poses

This set of poses is a true masterpiece, though it requires some effort to get the perfect shot. However, the preparation is not too daunting, I assure you.

Different poses call for different accessories, which are listed in the in-game pose descriptions.

One minor snag I encountered was switching the snowboard accessory between the right and left hands.

To save you from the same predicament, remember this: use the snowboard for the right hand during the posing set (pose set 2), and for the left hand when the couple is snowboarding (pose sets 3 and 4).

Otherwise, you may end up with some awkward photos.

Overall, it’s an enchanting couples pose pack that offers a good mix of both photographic and narrative poses.

Personally, I find the fifth pose to be particularly striking. The emotions conveyed by the couple look incredibly natural and organic.

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